What trends await social networks in 2021

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Despite all the hardships of the passing year, social networks do not stop developing. Probably, we can say that the events taking place this year, on the contrary, influenced the development of sites in some aspects. Some trends continue the trends of previous years, some have not been touched upon before. These are the social media trends that await us in 2021.

Personalization of content and communications

Advances in technology enable companies to create highly personalized offerings. This is what most consumers want. An Epsilon poll showed that 80% of the audience will give preference to the goods and services of those brands that show an individual approach. And this should be not just a standard phrase on the company s website, but an active demonstration of personalization in the service.

A personalized approach to content and communication requires a company to have a deep understanding of its target audience. It s not only about age, geolocation and level of wealth, but also about interests, field of activity and motivation to buy. Now, dozens of sales messages and spam mailings fall on any consumer. Your task is to create direct communication with the client so that he does not miss your messages as background marketing noise. This is where big data and personalization can help you.
And don t forget about other brand qualities that are important to consumers right now.

Visual content

This is an obvious trend that can be seen in the growth of the audience on Instagram, TikTok and YouTube. Visual content is gaining more and more popularity among users due to its ease of consumption. Text still works pretty well, especially in conjunction with an image, but videos will gain more reach in most cases. Therefore, if you do not use video yet or do not pay due attention to visuals, you are already behind some of your competitors.

Process automation

You may not yet understand the direct impact of AI on marketing tools, but it has already happened. Voice assistants and searches, chat bots and auto funnels, contextual advertising and targeting – all this works on the basis of algorithms and artificial intelligence. Automation has already taken over part of the routine processes in various areas of marketing. This trend will only develop and solve more and more complex problems.

But don t get too carried away. Marketing and communication must still be human. Excessive customer contact with a misunderstood chatbot or annoying newsletters will only worsen the audience s attitude towards the brand.


There are live broadcasts on almost all social networks, not to mention individual streaming platforms. In 2021, the market for live broadcasts may become more than $ 70 billion. The audience watches streams three times more than pre-prepared videos. This is due to live contact with the streamer and the ability to communicate.

If you think that broadcasts concern only streamers and bloggers, then you are mistaken. Various webinars or broadcasts with company employees also help in brand promotion. You can discuss on the broadcast news from the company s field of activity, show a new product or answer questions from the audience. This approach affects the loyalty of existing customers and increases the credibility of the new audience.

Fighting fake information

In recent years, social networks have already introduced tools to confirm the veracity of information, but with the advent of the coronavirus, they began to develop even faster. So far, this applies only to the sphere of politics, health care and news, but in the future it may somehow affect the commercial sphere.

Brands now need to build transparent, trusting relationships with their audiences so that users trust less fake posts about your industry and company. Trust must be built even before the fake agenda touches your project.


Trends do not mean that next year you need to give up everything and implement them as soon as possible. They point to growth spots that will help you grow your business. Choose from the trends that suits you and gradually implement.

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