What is hyperpersonalization and why business needs it in the future

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No matter how diverse the marketing tools are, one way or another most of them boil down to one thing – to collect and bring traffic to a specific site, and bring the audience to the target action. But every year, simple work with traffic becomes less and less effective. The consumer from year to year raises awareness of competitors and the product, requires greater customer focus and wants an individual approach. So how can you create a personalized experience in online retail?

Personalization is already actively used in online marketing and e-commerce, but an even deeper model of user interaction has appeared – hyperpersonalization.

What it is?

Well, the standard personalization is familiar to everyone. We take key information about the target audience and create a comfortable environment for users. For example, it is more convenient for the target audience of a beauty salon to sign up on the site via a smartphone. Then, in this case, you need to adapt the site for mobile devices, and make the buttons and links larger and more convenient for finger clicks.

It is important to understand the habits and behavior of potential customers in order to create a comfortable experience for them on the site. Such work can go so far that different segments of the target audience will have their own call to action and their own color of the order button.

Hyperpersonalization – this is an even deeper work with data about your audience. It allows you to create in real time for the user the offer that he needs now.

But in order for this to be possible, the developer needs the maximum amount of information from all the company s specialists: sales department, call center, marketing, and so on. As such a process is established, then your site will turn from a monolithic collection of different pages into a living organism that adjusts to each user separately. This is how big data will work in the future.

Why do you need hyperpersonalization

This is a significant competitive advantage, so the sooner you take care of this issue, the further you will get ahead. Already today, a number of large brands and marketplaces use similar mechanics, offering each user products similar to those he was looking for on the site earlier. Amazon can be called the leader of hyperpersonalization at the moment. He tracks literally every movement and action of a certain user on his website in order to compose a specific line of products that interests him.

On the one hand, people perceive this as surveillance and annoying that similar products are offered even when the purchase has already been made. But on the other hand, it helps a person to quickly find the right product with certain introductions, and the business to increase income.

Hyperpersonalization is also one of the main trends of the coming year. Read about other social media trends in 2021 here.

How hyperpersonalization is used now:

– More accurate call to action (studies have proven that a personalized call outperforms standard ones by more than 200%)

– Product recommendations (dynamic modules are available in many online stores and marketplaces, helping in the selection of a suitable product)

– Creation of personalized registration / order pages (they help the user to sell additional products and form the most suitable offer, based on his previous experience of interacting with other pages of the site)


Hyper-personalization is not the easiest marketing tool today. It requires well-oiled business processes and deep analytics of the target audience. But if you do this now, then in the future you will significantly improve many indicators, from the amount of time spent by the consumer on the site to increasing his loyalty.

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