What is ClubHouse: Everything you need to know about the new social network

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Yesterday you did not hear anything about it, but today everyone is talking about him only. ClubHouse, ClubHouse, ClubHouse … Everyone is desperate to be invited to this platform filled with interesting celebrities and exclusive live conversations. The whole world is going crazy on this social network, and it seems that this is exactly what we deserve after a depressive 2020. What s so special about the Clubhouse? Let s figure it out.

What is Clubhouse?

Clubhouse is a voice-only social network. If Twitter is famous for its short texts, and Instagram initially relied on photographs, then the Clubhouse chip is audio. There are no chats and private messages that we are used to, but there are many online podcasts on a variety of topics that you can join at any time. You can simply be a listener in the selected room, or you can submit a request to participate in the conversation.

Here they discuss the subtleties of successful entrepreneurship, conduct political discussions, organize book clubs, write songs and even hold auditions for music shows. Here you can listen to Jared Leto s reasoning about the need to wash fruit with soap, play “What? Where? When?” or visit the performance “The Lion King”.

The main rule of the service is no recordings, audio podcasts are not saved after they are completed, and participants are prohibited from recording what is happening and posting to other social networks. Although in fairness, we note that this rule has already been violated.

At the moment, the Clubhouse application is in beta version and can be downloaded only on iOS, but it is not available to all owners of Apple technology – you can get into the social network only by invitation from the user. Therefore, “Clubhouse” has a reputation as a closed club, which attracts more interest.

Who was founded and how is the social network developing?

Clubhouse was founded by former Google employees Paul Davison and Rogan Seth less than a year ago, in the midst of a pandemic. In April 2020, the application appeared on the AppStore, already in May it was valued at $ 100 million, although it had only 1,500 users.

Initially, the application caused great popularity among startups and other residents of Silicon Valley, then more and more celebrities began to be invited to this closed club. Obviously, the clever tactic of promoting the service has worked. Jared Leto, Oprah Winfrey, Drake, Kevin Hart and other celebrities drew attention to the previously unknown social network, and by December the number of users had increased to 600 thousand people.

In general, the audience of the application is growing at some incredible pace, especially now. If in May 2020 the number of users was only 3,500 people, then in 2021 almost 2 million users registered on the social network in just 2 weeks. And all thanks to the tweet Ilona Mask about his participation in the Good Time podcast, which the Clubhouse itself organizes on the platform. In general, Elon Musk s role in promoting the service is invaluable, his tweets brought hundreds of thousands of people to the Clubhouse. Only Vladimir Putin has so far refused such an invitation.

Elon Musk invited representatives of the Kremlin to talk at the Clubhouse, and even 2 times – in English and in Russian. This news has attracted even more interest in the platform.

And if in December the cost of the application was about $ 100 million, now it is close to 1 billion. As you can see, the potential for service growth is enormous. At the moment, more than 5 million people have registered on the platform around the world.

What is the secret of Clubhouse s success?

There are several reasons for this. Firstly, this is the intimate nature of the application. To get into a closed elite club that is not accessible to the broad masses, to listen to and even take part in live communication of outstanding personalities, to become one of the first – many people are pleased with their pride, and in general it is cool. The forbidden fruit is sweet, whatever one may say. Secondly, it is difficult not to be interested in what everyone is talking about – there is a risk of catching FOMO, or fear of missed opportunities.

Third, we are too tired of being quarantined in 2020. And after numerous conferences in Zoom, where eye contact is important, someone can accidentally get into the frame and there is a risk that you forget to turn off the cat s mask, here you can relax and just concentrate on the conversation. This is another chance for interesting communication, taken away from many by the pandemic.

Plus, Clubhouse offers truly lively and authentic content that doesn t require extensive preparation or memorized scripts. The sincerity, ease and lampoonness of the social network captivate.

What s going on in the Russian Clubhouse?

The Russian audience of the service is also growing at a frantic pace – in the last week alone, it has grown 18 times! And many are in a hurry to occupy a free niche, until someone else did it. In random rooms, you can meet and talk with Yandex head Tigran Khudaverdyan, former presidential advisor on the Internet German Klimenko, director Kantemir Balagov, artist Pokras Lampas or blogger Ksenia Dukalis. The most popular rooms include “Who is he and why he is needed” (the most visited room for interviews) and “Evening Varlamov” (a daily summary of the news from blogger Ilya Varlamov).

Well-known brands are also taking over the social network – for example, VTB held a seminar on investments, Oleg Tinkov spoke about the creation and development of Tinkoff in his first interview in 2 years, and Yandex decided to release new broadcasts every day except weekends. AliExpress and Mail.ru Group have their own rooms, and this is just the beginning.

How to get an invite?

To do this, you will need to be patient, but it s worth trying your luck. The service allocates a certain number of invites to each new participant, initially it was possible to invite only up to 4 of your friends, now it is clearly more. You can write to your friends and ask if they have invitations. There are people who are looking for invites on thematic forums in the same “Facebook”, and there are also users who are ready to donate their invitations. Now invites can already be bought on Ebay and Avito.

How to use the Clubhouse app: Step by step instructions

You have received an invite, downloaded and opened the Clubhouse application. What to do next? We will tell you in step-by-step instructions how to enter the room you are interested in, as well as create and schedule your own.

How do I find and join a room?

First, you can go to your personal page and fill out a profile so that users have an idea of ​​you. Add a description, photo and provide a link to a website or other social network.

The application has a search, in which it is easy to find the club or person you are interested in by keywords. By subscribing to them, you will see in the feed a list of the rooms that they spend.

You can also find the desired room through the search or by location by scrolling down the ribbon to the globe icon and clicking on it. Also in the calendar section you will see a list of upcoming rooms – both yours (My events) and those to which you are subscribed (Upcoming to you).

So you ve found the room you want, you can now click on it to enter. Your subscribers will receive a notification about this and will also be able to join.

You will see a list of room participants, divided by for 3 blocks… At the top of the list, you will see the speakers. Some of them have avatars marked with green circles, these are moderators – they can choose speakers and give the right to speak to new participants. Then, in the feed, you will see people subscribed to the speakers. The third block shows all other listeners. At the moment, no more than 5,000 people can join the broadcast.

When you are in the room as a listener, you have 3 options: invite one of your friends to the room, “raise your hand” to be given the floor, and quietly leave the chat (Leave quietly) – no one will receive a notification about this.

How to create your own room:

1. Go to the application feed;

2. Click Start a room (green button at the bottom);

3. Choose one of 3 room formats (Open – an open room for everyone, Social – for a narrower audience, selected according to certain criteria, Closed – a closed room);

4. In the same window in the upper right corner, select Add a topic and enter the topic of the room;

5. Click the Choose People button and select the people you want to invite to the room;

6. Then click Let s Go. Your room is running!

If you wish, during the broadcast, you can make the closed room available to everyone by clicking Open It Up.

You can also turn off the microphone at any time – for example, so as not to disturb your interlocutor with unnecessary noise. If someone from those present wants to speak, you will see a notification next to the icon with a raised hand and you can accept or reject the request. Even during the broadcast, you can invite someone into the room by clicking on the plus sign below.

It is also possible to schedule a room in advance. To do this, go to the calendar section and in the upper right corner click on the calendar icon with a plus sign. Enter event details (title, co-hosts, description), specify the broadcast date and time, and click Publish. Your broadcast is scheduled, you can share the link to the event in social networks, immediately “tweet” it or add it to your calendar.

What should the owners of the android do?

Believe and wait, although we hope not for long. We do not know the exact dates, but the creators of Clubhouse have already announced that they are going to make the application available to everyone. Here s what they write on their blog: “From the very beginning, we wanted to make the Clubhouse open to everyone. With that in mind, we are very excited to start working on the Android app soon, adding even more features. “

And of the reasons why the app is still in beta and not available to more users, they say: “First, we believe it is important to grow communities slowly, rather than 10 times the number of users overnight. It helps to refine the product as it develops … Secondly, we are a small team, and we have not finished work on the features that will allow us to work with a large number of people. Right now, the two of us are the only staff members … In addition, we have four young children jumping on our keyboards as we type! ? “.

We are waiting for news!

All kidding, but the company is doing extensive work to scale its infrastructure, actively hiring new employees, and developing fresh functions for the application. Therefore, let s hope that an even more interesting, updated and accessible Clubhouse awaits us ahead.

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