Top TikTok Tips & Tricks from Pro TikTokers

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Influencer Marketing has conducted a series of interviews with famous Tiktokers. They ve put together the best TikTok tips and tricks that everyone should know and use to get more followers, increase your chances of being featured on your For You page, and learn how to create a long-term growth strategy.

1. Jade Vincent – @Jaydecandance

Be consistent. The number one tip is consistency. You should post daily and preferably 2-3 videos a day.

Follow trends. This will help you with content ideas. Don t blindly copy trends. If you can make the trend funnier, it will draw more attention to you and boost growth significantly. Be sure to use popular sounds when creating your own videos. If you are a brand or business looking to grow their presence with TikTok, then hashtags will be your best friend.

Cool biography. Write a really cool bio. This is the first thing people see when they visit your page. Use this space to use a call to action asking your fans to engage with your content. Once you ve gained 1,000 subscribers, you can place an interactive link that will help drive traffic to your sites.

2. Romina – @Rominagafur

Passion. Make sure you have a passion for video making. Consistency is the key to growing your in-app account. Without passion, the consistency and quality of your content will suffer, and it will be easier for it to burn out.

Professional lighting. Make sure your videos are well lit. Most creators use ring lights to create a professional look for their content. Videos that are more eye-catching are more likely to be viewed in their entirety.

Find your niche. And create original content. You can often see new contributors visit the For You page and get millions of views when they have a unique video idea.

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3. Philip Page – @Philippages

A good option is to have 3 different content styles.

Style # 1. This is content that engages your audience. Basically, content that you think has a good chance of going viral and will introduce you to new TikTok users. When you start out, you need testing. Once you have content that goes viral, figure out which elements are working and duplicate them, changing the format to keep it on-trend with the latest TikTok trends. This style of content will drive your account s growth.

Style number 2. “Search content”. The goal is to collect more videos that can be turned into a consistent viral streak. Experiment with new formats (long form, short form, sketches). Again, see what works and incorporate that into your ongoing content schedule. Don t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and try something new.

Style number 3. Videos made with the intention of building a better relationship with your current audience. Basically, content that builds and strengthens your brand. These videos usually do not go viral as that is not the goal. Instead, tell us more about your difficulties and what you have overcome. You are showing that you are human, so don t be afraid to show your more sincere side.

4. Alejandro Miguel Baigorri – @Alex_destreza

Download and analyze. TikTok is the world s best growth video platform. On TikTok, you have a lot of room to grow. If you have good ideas and talent, then you should make the most of the platform. You need to upload one video a day and analyze the results.

Experiment. TikTok, unlike other platforms, doesn t require that much money to be invested in recording and content creation equipment. Now everyone has a mobile phone and only needs it to create videos. TikTok provides many video editing tools and effects. Experiment with all of TikTok s tools to learn how to create cool videos every day. Use only 15-second videos because their recommendations are prioritized on the platform.

5. Maayan Gordon – @ Worldofglass

Be consistent. This is a creative app where creativity matters! If you want to attract a large number of loyal followers, you need to post every day. Ideally, 2-5 times a day.

Don t ignore the credits! Be sure to write something that gives your video context and engages your audience. You want them to comment and support your videos, so use a caption to encourage this.

Use vibrant colors! Pink, purple and orange really stand out and grab our attention.

Keep your videos short. Aim for 10-15 seconds, as short as possible. If you want your followers to come back and support you, be sure to reply to their comments on your posts!

To keep up with all the latest trends on TikTok, you need to do your research! Make sure you watch in-app videos on a daily basis so you can see what works well for other popular creators.

Let your personality shine! Your videos don t have to be professionally prepared or edited. Be real!

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