Top 5 Content Marketing Approaches

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Content marketing cannot be attributed to one specific tool. It is always a collection of different types of content, preferably united by a common concept and strategy. However, the approach to this method of promotion can be very different. Each of them solves its own problems and is aimed at a specific consumer. These solutions are not universal, so you can only find a suitable option for you after tests.


Promotion through characters is a popular marketing ploy that has been around for decades. McDonald s uses a clown, Sberger of a cartoon cat, and Tele2, instead of the stars usual for advertising mobile operators, uses the recognizable image of a hipster grandfather. The mascot can be a fictional character or a real image. Even an unusual story can become an alternative symbol of the brand, as happened with the Japanese museum, where two cats have been trying to break through the guards for the third year already. Thanks to this situation, the museum received an additional influx of visitors and media attention, and also began to sell merchandise with illustrations of the confrontation.

Around the character, you can build an additional marketing strategy by coming up with activities and contests. So, for example, Sberbank does, giving stickers to VKontakte users for subscribing to a newsletter. Creating your own mascot expands the possibilities for brand promotion.


People love stories. Therefore, success stories, live shows and similar content are still so popular. Storytelling has helped many projects to build their businesses. A striking example is Ayaz Shabutdinov and his creation of Like projects. You can relate to this person as you like, but the fact is that thanks to the telling of his story, he received thousands of fans and followers.

The same approach works in local business as well. Telling the residents of the city that an interesting project will open soon, and showing the processes, people are imbued with trust and become loyal even before the opening. This also includes user-generated content, in which customers talk about their experience with your product. This is perceived by a new audience as a detailed review and they are more likely to be interested in you.

TV series and video content

Increasingly, brands are using TV series storytelling. And if in the case of the STS TV channel the project of the youth series in TikTok is clear, then the Dostaevsky food delivery service uses the same. A similar approach was used more than 8 years ago, when a local flower shop from St. Petersburg was filming an independent series with sketches for Instagram. The serial format works well both in video format and in the form of a series of articles. People are curious about what will happen next, which is why they closely follow the content in general.

Video content in general can be noted separately. It is now the most consumed and has the highest engagement rates. Therefore, we recommend that you think about how to use video in your content strategy. It could be reviews, tips, or even something entertaining.

Personal blog

This already applies to the personal brand of the owner or business leader, who talks about his life, business processes and experiences. The advantage of this approach is that it will suit both the director of a large metallurgical plant and a manicure master from a provincial city. The audience is more interested in people than a faceless company. Share your thoughts, create a recognizable and understandable image, and then people will trust you even before direct contact with the product.


The most popular example of this approach today is Tinkoff with the T-Zh publication. They created a blog about finance, from where they can transfer traffic to the bank s offers. There are many such examples, and not only in the banking sector.

Creating such a blog requires a lot of investment, either time or money, but most often together. This work bears fruit over time, so if you are willing to not demand quick results from this tool, it is definitely for you.

Content marketing can be different, but if you do it regularly, then after a while it will become a reliable assistant in achieving your marketing goals. For quick results, such work will not be effective.

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