Three Ways to Promote Fashion Brands for Use on TikTok in 2021

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Marketing agency Fanbytes believes that the best time for fashion brands to start promoting on TikTok was last year, but they still have a second chance. Over the past year or two, we ve all witnessed a growing interest in fashionable content on the platform.

Google trends showed that global searches for the keyword “TikTok fashion” have grown by 195% since January 2020, TikTok has begun to inspire shopping. Just a few scrolls on TikTok and on the internet are enough to see the headlines and comments “TikTok made me buy this product”.

From popularizing aesthetics, encouraging users to update their old clothes, or showing users how to “become the face of gucci” in the #guccimodelchallege, TikTok s fashion made a splash outside of its platform. This is why fashion brands are moving to the platform in 2021 to get at least a small slice of that pie.

Fanbytes provided top three best practices based on over 200 successful Gen Z campaigns and social media research.

1. Collaborate with influencers and improve advertising performance with paid ads

TikTok tools have proven effective in viral companies like Gucci. Imagine what would be possible if these content formats were enhanced with paid ads?

The agency has helped hundreds of brands capitalize on organic viral trends through paid advertising. They took over the entire advertising cycle.

A great example is their work with Vestiaire Collective: the app was developed to buy and sell previously loved fashion items. Their main approach is sustainability where you buy less but better. Working with Vestiaire, the agency asked 8 influencers to showcase their personal style by wearing items purchased from the Vestiaire Collective. They then resell those items, showcasing two main features of the app: how easy it was to buy and use luxury items at 70% off, and how easy it was to resell.

Influencers used native TikTok effects such as green screen to maximize engagement by placing strong calls to action to increase installs with text in videos. Thus, the agency achieved a huge 1000+ organic installs and an ad conversion rate of 17.5%. They wanted to provide the most cost-effective CPI (cost-per-install) for their customers, so they A / B tested their creatives using the best performing as paid ads. Consequently, the ad generated 4000+ more installs, and the CPI of customers was reduced by 50% compared to other channels such as Instagram and Youtube.

The total campaign garnered 1,307,200 views, and Vestiaire Collective was so pleased with the results that they decided to launch a second campaign in the US, which garnered 2.6 million views while maintaining a similar CPI.

For more tips on social media management from professional TikTokers, see our other article.

2. Take advantage of sustainable development initiatives

Sustainability is a word that has been used all over the place lately, including on TikTok. Gen Z, which is a community of conscious consumers, makes up 60% of TikTok s user base. According to the Sustainable Investment Group, 73% of Gen Zers said they would pay more for a brand if they knew it was sustainable.

TikTok is responsible for creating a space and platform for sustainability and trend creators that resonate with its users. TikTok has become a more “serious” platform after taking steps to educate its users, identify important issues, and combat misinformation.

When it comes to sustainable fashion on TikTok, users love visual content that shares hands-on video tutorials and tips for keeping a wardrobe with less impact, as an alternative to specific details about supply chain ethics.

3. Benefit From Meme Culture

TikTok is fundamentally different from other platforms as it is based on user innovation, which means that its trends are constantly changing and fleeting. This is why it is so important to create content that touches on what is so deeply ingrained in Gen Z culture: memes, Gen Z language.

Fun fact: Gen Z accounts for nearly 50% of Gucci s total sales. This means Gucci really needs to find unique and original ways to connect with their audience on the platforms they feel best. Gucci quickly infiltrated the meme culture, tapping into the organic viral trend of TikTok, poking fun at Gucci s stereotypical looks.

Gucci is a luxury brand that has been able to use memes to show users that they can get rid of the “exclusivity” and “seriousness” associated with luxury brands and take off the mask. This makes a big difference for TikTok and Gen Z.

If a year ago it wasn t obvious that the fashion industry was starting to be dictated by TikTok & Gen Z, now it has definitely become obvious. Models are looking on TikTok, first impressions are in-app, and TikTok s creators are now setting global fashion trends.

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