Text in UX: why it’s important to use words for each button and description

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Most of the site is text. Articles, descriptions, pop-ups and even button names – all this is text that needs not only to be written correctly, but also to fit into the environment of the site. Why it is important to do this and what is the use of the thoughtfulness of such texts, we will tell further.

What is UX copywriting

This is writing texts for a website based on user experience. That is, if UX design helps site visitors to easily navigate its structure, then UX text enhances this benefit by explaining what to click on, what to fill out and why. In fact, this is a detailed instruction for the site, which is integrated into it and does not catch the eye, appearing when the user needs it.

Some hope to get by with the correct visual of the site, so as not to bother with the text. But even the most thoughtful resource design can be read by people in different ways, from which its effectiveness will be lost. Therefore, sometimes you need to explain in words what this button is for and what it is responsible for.

What should be text in UX

Each text has its own nuances. For example, you need to fit a sentence into a certain window size or make it readable in the smallest size. The tasks may be different, but if we talk only about tips, instructions and pop-up windows, then in general the text should comply with the following criteria:

– Be clear so that the user does not spend a lot of time comprehending and understanding what he read

– Be succinct and concise, as it should not take up much space in the site space

– Be one with the general style of the text on the site

– Be in the context of the site and be in the right place.

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Why copy is important in UX

Everybody benefits from the correct text on the site. Users understand everything they want from them on this site, and the business receives a targeted action, thanks to successful explanations. Here are the main reasons why it s important to spend money on good UX copy:

Convenient to read. Some of the processes that the user is supposed to perform are not obvious, so it is better to reinforce them with a specific hint or instruction.

Closing objections. In the course of getting acquainted with the site, a person himself can already close some of the questions that he had about your product or service.

Increased conversion. If you place “pointers” on how to move around the site and for what purpose, then more people will reach the target action.

It s just as important as design. The site should not only be beautiful, but also understandable. This is one of the criteria by which a company is assessed as a whole.


The text is no less important than any other element of the site. Often companies order website development from a programmer, design from a designer, but they are already trying to fill with text on their own. This results in a possibly attractive site that is incomprehensible to users and does not bring customers to the business. So it s better to spend more money on the correct content, so that in the future you will not be surprised why the site does not work.

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