Strengthening Instagram Sales: 8 Essential Tools

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Did you know that over 130 million Instagram users click on shopping posts every month? At this rate, the social network will soon become one of the largest mobile trading platforms. Let s figure out how to enter the number of popular brands and increase the number of orders.

Top 8 Instagram tools to increase sales

Profile description

The importance of the correct design of the “About Me” block is due to the desire of users to purchase goods from a well-known seller who has something to tell and show. When filling out the header, place a link to the official website or assortment so that the potential client is convinced of your professionalism. Add information about new products, promotions, seasonal sales, special offers with a call to “go to (landing page)”. The main thing is not to be lazy to update the information as new buns appear for clients.

Take a look at the neat design of the hat on the NET ‑ A ‑ PORTER profile, a women s fashion store, shoes, accessories, jewelry and beauty products. In several lines it was possible to fit a short description characterizing the brand, a call to action “mark purchases” and a link to the assortment. Each photo in the gallery with a detailed description of the items of clothing and the ability to go to the site.


Selling posts

There is little attractive design – it is necessary to constantly update the photo-feed. The fact is that the user reads the biography only at the stage of getting to know the brand, and then focuses on the posts that appear in the news feed. It is the promotional posts that encourage “buy” and “order”. Therefore, it is so important to regularly publish photos of products describing their benefits and mentioning that “a link to the store in the profile header.”

The combination of a well-filled cap and a creative approach to product advertising – at Nordstrom. This American store started out selling shoes until it turned into a large retail chain of department stores with a wide range of shoes as well as clothes, bags, accessories, perfumes, cosmetics … In the example below, there is an ad for cute slippers with a call to buy from the link above.

Nordstrom profile
Post by Nordstrom

Engaging posts

However, promotional posts alone are not enough. If subscribers only wanted to see ads, they would visit an online store instead of an Insta account. Your goal is to create an engaging blog that will engage your target audience.

Ideas for posts with examples:

  • Methods of using products. Dilute ads with tips and life hacks, for example, how to use the product in different life situations.
  • Goods are fun. Create ad-engaging posts armed with a sense of humor and image editing skills.
  • Manufacturing process. Describe the steps involved in making a product in a format that your audience can understand. Demonstrate the “wrong side” of the business by attaching photos from the factory, factory.
General Electric
  • Inspiration. Motivate subscribers with quotes from famous people related to your philosophy or industry.

News feeds. Follow the calendar and do not miss significant events and memorable dates. For the holiday, you can timed a rally or give useful methodological advice.

  • Communication Contact your clients by offering to participate in surveys and contests, to familiarize yourself with checklists from your experts.

Content without filters

Respect your subscribers – do not use filters with which you can present any unsightly thing in a favorable light. Leave the glossy template content to the magazines. Show the product “face” to inspire confidence among customers: decorate not after, but before shooting, choosing decorative elements instead of filters. A good example is the account of the Lane Crawford retailer, which sells luxury goods. Her product needs no processing – just a few strokes are enough to attract attention.



Video content

Insta users appreciate high-quality videos that are: a) short (except for LIVE broadcasts) b) involving in the first 3 seconds. No matter, what you are shooting – a review, a reportage, an interview, try to make the beginning of the video catchy, so that the viewer wants to know more about you. Bright, unconventional, stylish videos can be found at Vogue Magazine.


Reviews in Stories

According to Instagram internal data, about 500 million people watch stories every day, and a third of the most viewed stories are from companies. So, more than 95% of US marketers admit that they plan to continue using this feature in the next six months. Join us: creating creative Stories will allow you to increase your audience reach, especially if the business is focused on representatives of generations Z and Y, of which 62.7% in total are on the platform!

Get inspired by the experience of Moda Operandi, a luxury clothing store selling designer looks after the runway. In Stories, he sticks to the chosen concept.


Bloomingdale s store is not far behind, using Instagraam 100%: it publishes photo and video stories with the participation of models and actresses, and also conducts “fashion” polls.



Insta Albums are an easy way to create a showcase of products divided into categories. Do not forget to save expired stories to albums so that new subscribers can quickly find content of interest: product review, event, advice, link. And again, let s take Lane Crawford as an example – a number of “saved” items are made in the same style and divided into thematic categories.



Many people underestimate this tool, but in vain! It allows you to convey your message to a multi-million dollar Instagram audience. Make a list of ### that represent your brand and post them in posts, stories, comments. Choose long or combined hashtags, personally invented by you, to appeal to a narrow group of target audiences, branded ones, consisting of the name of the brand / product and the corresponding term – in order to increase awareness. For example, Starbucks uses # to advertise different types of coffee.


It s no surprise that companies want to have an Instagram account, as more than 200 million people visit at least one business profile every day. To enter the top shop accounts, take the time to design your profile, create high-quality pictures that do not require retouching, and write non-standard posts. It is realistic to achieve success without large investments – all you need is a desire to be interesting and useful to your audience.

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