Simplicity, Values, and Emotion: 10 Marketing Lessons from Apple

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Apple is one of the world s most successful brands. In August, the company s capitalization surpassed the $ 2 trillion mark. It became the first American company to achieve such a result. We will tell you what principles Apple uses in its marketing activities and how they can be applied in work.

Simplicity is the key to success

Apple keeps things simple in their marketing strategy and advertising campaigns. During the promotion of the product, the company does not use loud sounds and bright pictures, it may not even indicate where exactly the products can be bought. Their gadgets all speak for themselves.

Values, not price

Apple is not fighting other companies for lower prices. They have their own definite product value, and the company sticks to it. Even though it is higher than that of competitors.

The company can afford it, because when communicating with a user, Apple focuses on the unique value of the product. Everything is done so that the user gets pleasure from the gadget – from design to branded applications. Apple always makes sure that customers do not regret the money spent on the device.

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The pleasure of interacting with the product

Apple s marketing strategy isn t just about advertising. For them, the main thing is what kind of experience people get with the product. In order for old customers to return and new ones to come, it is necessary that people like to use the company s products.

In Apple Stores, there are always dozens of tables on which various gadgets are located, and people can feel what it is like to own an iPhone, Macbook or iPad.

Simple and understandable language

Apple does not use complex concepts and terms in its communication, because they only confuse a person. The company speaks to people in their language. The entire experience of working with the brand s products is simple and straightforward.

To be able to also communicate with the audience, you need to study it. Find out how potential customers communicate and what they write. Understand what services they are most interested in and focus on them. And for communication, use the language that these people use.

One line

In all marketing activities Apple is consistent and adheres to the same line. Their task is to show people that delirium can always be counted on and that it fulfills its own promises.

User experience, not just a product. Anyone can make a new product, but not everyone will create an experience that users will remember and keep coming back for more. To create such an experience, you need, among other things, to be able to tell stories and include sensory reactions to user actions in the user experience. For example, when a person touches an icon, it enlarges or changes color. Such techniques immerse the user in what he is doing.

An atmosphere of mystery

Apple creates an atmosphere of mystery ahead of new product launches. Nobody knows what exactly will be presented at the company s presentations and what the new Apple products will be.

The maximum tension is always built up before the events and people want to know what the company will show this time. Apple presentations are becoming one of the most talked about topics of the year. No other company in the world can boast this level of audience engagement.

Influence marketing

Apple works with influencers. The company gives them new products to test, and they, in turn, tell their audience about it. In addition, the company s marketing is so effective that most bloggers themselves talk about new Apple gadgets and broadcast from their presentations.

User Content

Apple is also good at collecting reviews of its products from common users. In the official stores of the company, you can get a free trial period for using the product in exchange for a review, which will be published on the website or in social networks. The main thing is that the reviews are signed, and the authors have a real avatar.

User experience

Apple doesn t just make products; it creates user experiences. Not everyone succeeds in this. Everyone can create a new product, but few are able to create an experience that users will remember and will return to the brand every time.

To create such an experience, you need to be able to tell stories and also include sensory responses to the user experience. For example, when, when you touch an icon, it becomes larger or changes color. With the help of this, a person is more immersed in the process of using the gadget.

Reaching out to emotions

Apple s main evangelists and advocates are the brand s users themselves. This became possible due to the fact that the company was able to reach people on an emotional level.

Apple does not talk about battery power or storage capacity in its advertising campaigns. Instead, the brand shows how happy people are using their products and having a great time with them.

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