Shortening links: 7 simple and affordable services

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Why shortening links is important

In 2020, long links in posts on social networks are bad manners and archaism. If you want to scare away the subscriber or dissuade him from clicking on the provided link, leave it long.

Why are long links bad? First, the amount of extra strange characters makes it difficult for the subscriber to focus on real content. Second, such links look messy and disorganized. People automatically consider a long link to be spam and close / scroll the post without even reading the essence of the sentence. In addition, long links take up useful sign space where you can get your message across. Twitter and LinkedIn, for example, can have 280 and 700 characters, respectively. Therefore, sometimes a shortened link is really critical. If you add tracking parameters, it lengthens your links and then they become endless.

Why are short links good? You free up space for more real text, not a bunch of jumbled characters. It looks like you care about your subscriber s time and attention. A short link looks neat, consistent, and organized. The so called Link Shorteners help you transform the chaos into short URLs. Short links give you more trackability and effectiveness.

Where to use short URLs

In addition to social networks, shortened links can be used in presentations, again – a more aesthetic look. You can add it to websites and landing pages, to emails, send it as a link to the meme you like, or if you need a QR code. A QR code with a short link is easier to scan. The shortened url is much faster and easier, for example, dictating or typing in the browser from memory.

If you use affiliate programs and your links are very long due to all the parameters of the sections, then be sure to shorten the links.

Short urls can be placed under your YouTube videos, in SMS mailings – which will save you space in the message and money spent on sending. Place shortened links on brochures and advertisements, on any printed matter that you offer to your clients or partners.

How to choose a link shortener

Pay attention to how long the abbreviation has been in existence and how long its links persist. This is important if you will be using links for your site. If the link shortener has been working for a long time and stably, you can not be afraid that one day all your links on the sections will simply stop working.

If your business does not have one-time tasks, and you often need to shorten links, then choose a service that offers analytics that show the effectiveness of the shortened link. Analytics can help you figure out what things are “hitting” your audience.

Create accounts in services if you want to track statistics and view the history of your interaction with the service.


Bitly is one of the most widespread services. The main reason for its popularity is to use it quickly and easily. This service creates a link that looks something like “”.

You can register for the service for convenience – via email, Facebook or Google account. Registration is free. You can shorten a link without registering, but then the data on your links / statistics / work will not remain anywhere.

If you have a personal account, you can view the history of your work, as well as analytics of conversions and the effectiveness of your link. The service makes it possible to track clicks, geographic information of those who followed the link, and channel statistics. To get statistics, you can also add + after a short url, paste it into the browser and go.

The service has a clear and accessible dashboard. It always works stably, there are many different functions. Links can be customized by giving them a name. One of the features of the service is that it helps to recognize broken links.

Alternatively, you can order branded links for yourself. This service is already available for a separate cost. Paid packages start at $ 29 per month.

In the free version, you have the opportunity to shorten up to 1000 regular non-branded links, view statistics. Reports are provided 30 days in advance. In general, the service will cover the needs of any small and medium business. Bitly has a mobile app and browser extension. is a reliable trusted service. The peculiarity of the service is that it offers smart branded links. What does it mean? You can create links with relevant, not random words. offers analytics, which includes information about the date and time of clicks, from which device the person entered. Provides service and data on the location of the person and language. In general, a standard analytical set. In addition, you can integrate the service with Google Analytics and Adobe, for example.

There s a 21-day free trial, and then there s a paid version that starts at $ 12 per month.


TinyURL is a nice and easy to use service. Has been working since 2002. The links are slightly longer than in previous services. But you can add text after the domain. You can get your short url even without registration, just copy your link into the window and you re done.

The service is completely free. The link can be customized as you wish, add your own alias. It is convenient to use if you do not want to register or you only need short links sometimes.

With TinyURL you can create a smaller url that will work for any page on your site. All you need to redirect is just add a forward slash and the file name of the page. is a popular social media link shortener. To use it, you need to register with Hootsuite (a social media management tool). Registration for Hootsuite is free, use of the link shortener is also free. The Hootsuite control panel is very convenient, so this nuance of registration will not affect your customer experience in any way. gives you the ability to watch link performance, track short urls, and also has a great link retargeting feature. If you are already using the Hootsuite platform to manage your social networks, then it will be very convenient for you to shorten links immediately on the platform. is easy to use, you can shorten the link quickly without registration. Registration makes it possible to use the analytical tools of the service. Also with this service you can register your own domain for business (but this is in the paid version).

Links have an eternal validity period, that is, shortened links will always work.

The statistics are divided not only by country, but also by city. The link can be changed as desired. Access statistics for your URL are provided in real time with all the information. In particular, analytics include tracking clicks by date, time, and user s IP address.

The service offers not only a short link, but also a QR code, which is very convenient. The paid version with its own domain for your business will cost you $ 85 per month. is a service where you can create a link without registration. If you want to control statistics, you will have to register. Registration sags a little – a rather long process, 10 required fields to fill out. The advantage of the service is that it is Russian-speaking, it will be easy for everyone to understand. The feature set is minimal, but sufficient for small business needs. is another Russian-language service from Yandex. Clicker has been operating since 2010. Like it is also very minimalistic and approachable. Registration is not required to shorten the link. The service, in addition to the link, issues a QR code. One of the features is that links can be immediately shared on social networks.

A big disadvantage of the service is the lack of any analytics. If you do not use other separate tracking or analytics tools, then choose a service that already has the built-in ability to track statistics.

PS Please be aware that many link shorteners do not provide data protection requirements and save your statistics and the user s IP address.

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