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Instagram is one of the most popular marketing platforms out there. It s hard to find a company that is not interested in Insta promotion. After all, it is very profitable – more than 80% of social network users are subscribed to business accounts, 46% buy goods after watching Insta ads, and about 30% tell their friends about their findings. To be read, watched and discussed, adapt the content to the interests of the target audience and constantly monitor performance indicators.

Instagram metrics to track performance


The engagement rate (ER) is a measure of how engaged the audience is in the life of the blog. The higher the ER, the more interesting your blog is. With 15 thousand followers, get 25 likes and 5 comments under each post? This is a reason to wonder what you are doing wrong. That is, the ER indicator is the average number of reactions that one subscriber makes: likes, writes comments, makes reposts and saves publications to favorites.

The coefficient is calculated using the formula:

ER = (likes + comments + reposts) / followers * 100%

ER post = ((likes + comments + reposts) * 100%) / posts * subscribers

For an account with a 5-10 thousand audience, the norm is a ratio of 10-20%, 10+ thousand – up to 5%, 100+ thousand – 3%, from 1 million – 1%. The reach of your target audience also has an impact. Simply put, being in subscriptions with electoral people is more profitable – you will be sure that you will definitely get into their feed.

Based on the results of engagement analysis, it is easier to judge such parameters as the level of audience confidence in the brand, popularity in the Insta-world and content virality. By focusing on this metric, you will understand what topics and format of publications captivate subscribers, and will be able to adapt the content strategy to their preferences. In addition, ER plays a significant role in assessing competitiveness.

Of course, ER is just a guideline on the path to success – every business account requires analysis from the point of view of the specifics of the business. For example, the B2B segment has a more serious and complicated promotion process than travel or beauty bloggers, whose Insta audience is much more extensive and loyal.


Reach is an equally important metric that shows the total number of users who have read a post or viewed Stories. Even if one person has watched the video twice, it is considered one action.

So, the uniqueness of the visitor affects the coverage statistics on Instagram: 1 account = 1 view. Its determination is based on the user s geographic location, personal registration data, the numeric device identifier, browser and the type of device used. This approach excludes the possibility of scaling up the coverage, because it is extremely difficult to fake such indicators, and it is pointless.

For branded content, reach looks like the number of people who posted content with your hashtag. If you run hashtag campaigns, calculate your reach regularly. For this, it is convenient to use the Socialert Hashtag analytical platform. It is easy to track the topical # of both your own and your competitors, identify viral tags and find influencers for further cooperation.


The main difference between Reach and Impressions is visitor uniqueness. The second indicator will always be higher than the first, since it takes into account hundreds of views by one user.

Why is it important to evaluate this metric? It s simple: if a person comes back to your post several times, then it is mega-interesting. Instagram algorithms regard this behavior as a signal: it s time to bring the post to the recommendation section. Notice that your impressions significantly exceed your reach? This is a sure sign that you know how to impress!

Audience growth

If you ve recently created a business account and haven t yet developed a full-fledged content strategy, don t forget to track this metric. It clearly demonstrates how many users have subscribed to a profile over a certain period, and allows you to determine the reason for the rapid growth. Perhaps you started posting colorful product photos taken by a professional photographer instead of thematic images, or you changed the posting time.

An increase in subscriptions after making changes to your marketing strategy means you are heading in the right direction. This also applies to advertising – a conclusion about its effectiveness can be made by determining how much the audience has grown during the period of the advertising campaign.

For commercial accounts, the growth rate from mass following matters. Mass following is a way to promote when you massively subscribe to users who may be interested in your products and services. Thus, you stimulate them to go to the profile, read the content and, most importantly, subscribe in response. On average, this growth is from 800 to 1500 sublists per month, but it all depends on the field of activity. The optimal conversion rate is 8%.

The design of the blog and the quality of the content, which create the first impression, have a particular impact on the effectiveness of mass following. Carefully work on all the components of the posts (photos, text, hashtags), making them visually attractive, informative and useful.

There are many online services that allow you to conduct marketing research on social media. But the main thing is to be able to correctly interpret the obtained data and apply them in practice. Do not be lazy to analyze the information thoroughly, even if it seems boring to you. Remember, this gives you an edge over competitors who once thought they could do without performance tracking.

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