How to warm up your audience on Instagram and what to do with it next

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In marketing, there is such a thing as “audience warming up”. This is an important part of a successful marketing strategy that allows you to determine the interest of each consumer in your product and the desire to buy it. How to prepare an audience for a purchase and what to do with it after warming up on Instagram, we will tell in this material.

Some marketers come up with their own stages of audience engagement, but basically they are based on the following stages:

Understanding the problem

This audience is called “cold”. At this stage, the person is either not yet familiar with a specific product, or has not realized that he needs it. The consumer has not formed a need. He may understand about his problem, but not know about how to solve it, so your specific proposal may not be familiar to him.

It is important for such an audience to point out the pain they are facing and then show the solution through their products. On Instagram, this can be done with the help of a competent content strategy, where in the life of the client you visually illustrate the problem that he is experiencing and offer its solution. It can even be done in a decision list format. Indicate in it several options for getting rid of pain, where, natively, but with emphasis, you embed information about your proposal and its advantage over other methods.


The interested audience is considered “warm”. She realizes her need and is in search of its satisfaction. She may not know the specific ways, so people at this stage go through different options for solving their problem.

Show that your company can help the person solve their problem. To do this, you need to “reach” the audience that is looking for a solution to the problem. This can be done using crops in thematic publics or by setting up targeted advertising. In order to properly launch an ad campaign, you need to know your target audience well. Not just demographics, but interests and other needs. Content strategy in this case will also be an important aspect for promoting your product.

Finding the right option

These people are considered to be the “hottest” audience. It is easiest for them to sell, as this practically does not require additional effort. They know about their pain, they know what specific option they want to close it. At this stage, a person is already looking for the most suitable option for him.

For such an audience, it is important for brands to show their reliability, customer focus and a sincere desire to help the consumer. Customer reviews, blogger recommendations and demonstration of the benefits of your product on your Instagram profile will help you with this. You can also set up retargeting to those people who have already interacted with your account or website. It is likely that among them there will be those who were interested in your offer, but never made a purchase for any reason. This stage can be called the final one during warming up, since here a person either buys or finds a more suitable option for himself in another place.

What to do with a warm audience

Even if a person has already bought, this does not mean that you should forget about him. First, the buying process itself should be as easy as possible for the client. Make sure that you have written all the contacts and addresses, and also have direct links to the site or clearly describe the ordering method. If possible, find out all the possible pitfalls that a person encounters when ordering and work them out in advance. If it is important for him to see the product in action, shoot a video. If you need all angles of the product, make a carousel with several photos. Dimensions, composition, shelf life, and more – if all this is important to your client, indicate such information immediately.

In our other article, we wrote how to visualize data beautifully and easily.

Secondly, the client needs to be driven to repeat purchases. This does not mean that you should spam the consumer with all sorts of promotions, discounts for regular customers and other offers. This can be done, but not at frequent intervals. Otherwise, the person will get tired of your messages and simply unsubscribe from all channels. Work on audience loyalty. Show your interest: provide a comfortable and pleasant service, high-quality technical support and a profitable loyalty system with bonuses.


Then, if you work with the audience correctly, you create brand advocates. This is a special part of a loyal audience who completely trusts you as a company and is ready to recommend to their environment. It is especially important to maintain trusting relationships with such clients, since in the long term they bring a tangible part of the revenue.

Do not try to warm up the consumer with aggressive advertising. In the current realities, more often than not, such an approach only repels and does not inspire confidence.

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