How to use Instagram to make your podcast super popular

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Want to get more listeners for your podcast? We ve put together tips on how to promote your podcast on Instagram, attract more viewers, and increase engagement. In an interview, Erin Sell, producer of the popular Bad Crypto Podcast and her Socially Powered Digital Marketing Show, gave some valuable tips for promoting on Instagram!

1. Connect in real time to potential listeners

Start connecting, interacting with accounts with many subscribers, people who might be interested in your podcast. Interact with them by asking questions and answering their questions. This builds trust.

2. Share, share, share and share again

Share your content on an ongoing basis. Talk about when you interview a famous guest, share excerpts from the best books and quotes. Share with users all the most interesting.

3. Create quality content

Create quality content. Nobody wants to listen to a boring audio tape or a person who does not know what to say and uses “parasite words”. Edit your podcast and get an editor to help fix these errors. Also, remind your guests not to use “uh, well, well, well!” during the performance.

Make sure your podcast provides quality information, not just information that can be found anywhere. Why would the audience listen to you when they can get it anywhere else?

In our other article, we also wrote about Instagram features that many people forget to use.

4. Encourage your listeners

Always, always, always encourage your listeners to follow, like and comment on your Instagram posts. Answer them publicly, but after listeners have commented on your post, send them a private message to further build relationships. They will be grateful that you answered them personally. Ask them questions about what they would like to hear on the show, the guests you should invite, and more.

5. Get helpers if you really need them.

Social media is time-consuming. You need to spend time there to grow your podcast and your audience. The biggest challenge for promoting your podcast on any social network, including Instagram, is timing. We can only spend a certain amount of time on social media promoting what we need to promote. It s best to hire a contractor to help promote your podcast. Depending on the person s ability level, you can ask them to do all of these.

Erin also answered a number of questions:

What is your favorite thing about Instagram?

Instagram quickly became one of my favorite platforms when I started using it many months ago. I quickly realized that the most important thing about Instagram is staying active and involved with the platform. Post daily, use so many tools that Instagram has to offer and connect with your followers.

What is the biggest lesson you learned about Instagram when you started your career?

Do what works for you! There are so many options on Instagram. Choose for yourself what you can do all the time. I personally don t use Reels or IGTV. I use the rest when there is time and need. Do what works for you. This applies not only to Instagram, but to all social platforms. Don t worry about posting on a platform that may or may not help you. Do what feels right to you.

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