How to run a contest on social networks and not make yourself worse

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Many people think that conducting contests is a shareware way of promotion. This is partly true, but this tool cannot be called free, and you can pay not only with something material, but also with the attention of the audience and reputation. How not to make it worse for yourself, just read below.

Objectives of the drawing

Most often, those who conduct contests in social networks for the first time hope to attract an audience in this way. Often, similar goals are pursued by those who repeat the rally. But this kind of interactive, like any other marketing tool, can be used for other reasons. For example, to increase the overall activity in the community, to draw attention to a brand or a new product, to arrange interesting entertainment for the audience, etc. Don t just focus on attracting your audience. Moreover, contests bring a significant part of those users who are interested in the very fact of winning and receiving a prize, and not in your products.

Therefore, we initially define a specific goal (to bring people to an offline point, increase the number of subscribers, and so on) and, already starting from it, come up with the mechanics of the competition and a suitable prize. Do not repeat for all the standard repost contests or “mark a friend in the comments”. Such activity will not bring much benefit to the company.

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This is the most important part of the draw. How strongly the audience will be motivated to receive it depends on what you choose as a trophy. Some resort to tricks and offer money, gadgets and everything that is not specifically related to their company, but is desired by many. This approach, of course, will allow to inflate the number of participants in the competition, but most people will not be targeted. That is, in the future they will not buy from you, follow the brand and advise others around it. You will receive a ballast hanging with a beautiful figure and in the future affecting your ranking in the news feed for the worse.

The best prize will be your product. Whatever you do, only play your own wares. Although there will be several times fewer participants, the audience will be the most target audience that can be brought to purchase in the future.

Sometimes practical jokes go from one extreme to another. Some are carried out as quickly as possible, while others under the same conditions can drag on for more than one month. The main thing here is to understand the very format of the competition.

If we are talking about a quick competition, the purpose of which is to entertain the public and get a prompt response to the post, then a timing of several hours or a day is justified. In other cases, there is no need to rush.

A standard repost contest or similar mechanics live on average for about two weeks. The increase in the timing of summing up, will force people to lose interest in the competition. If you are guided by the idea that the longer the competition lasts, the more people will have time to fit into it, then you are mistaken. This is possible only with additional advertising. And the mechanics itself does not imply a long wait for a prize.

A creative competition can last for more than one month and this is quite normal for such a format. There are more complex conditions for participation here, but the prize must be equal to the efforts made by the contestants.


The drawing must have clear and easy-to-follow conditions. The exception is the creative format. There, the complexity of the conditions is implied initially. In other cases, the clarity of the algorithm that must be performed in order to become a full-fledged participant in the competition is important. Also write everything about the timing, the date of the announcement of the results, prizes and the number of prizes.

Also, do not forget about changes in conditions. Ideally, they shouldn t be. Otherwise, the audience will begin to suspect you of falsification or poor preparation for activity. Think over all the nuances at the initial stage and start the rally without fear that something will go wrong.


People are used to it being done openly. Often the results are summed up live or filmed. This is an unspoken rule that generally suits both sides, only if declarer did not intend to cheat. Even the very outcome of the competition can be turned into a small event, with mini-raffles, consolation prizes or a presentation of a new product.


Knowing all the components of a good competition and having defined the goals initially, this tool can show good results. Approach such activity competently, do not make mistakes and do not try to deceive the audience.

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