How to manage advertising content during the holidays

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Ahead is a series of various holidays. During this period, many are preoccupied with the search for gifts and companies are actively trying to attract attention on this topic. In this article, we ll show you how to create ad content that will interest potential customers.

Don t just answer the question “what to give?”

Brands constantly sin by creating so-called “gift tops”, which either consist entirely of their products, or where their product stands out favorably. This is a logical and sometimes even effective step, but with each holiday this format becomes boring more and more. People begin to trust such tops less and scroll through such publications.

Approach such material from the other side. Solve not only the problem of “what to give”, but also how to do it, what gifts are suitable for a particular gender or a person with certain interests. Expand the topic of gifts wider, and the audience will appreciate it. Ask yourself the questions people care about when choosing gifts and answer them in your content.

Try to avoid gender stereotypes

Now is the time for a new ethics and equality for all sexes and genders. Today this topic is so hot that any inaccurate statement, misunderstood joke or ambiguous photograph can lead to a major scandal and reputation losses. Therefore, in order not to become the hero of such stories, it is better to refrain from provocative advertising, since it may gain popularity not at all for a creative approach.

Mutual respect and the rejection of treating a person as an object are in vogue now. Therefore, if earlier sexualization in advertising and similar subtext could be perceived as something bold and fresh, now it will be vulgar and inappropriate.

Refresh the holiday visual

The sickness of many companies during the holidays is the same approach to decoration. It s not even about the fact that conventionally the same image can appear on the brand s sites for several years in a row, but about the visual itself as a whole. If February 23 is suitable, then all advertising is in camouflage and tanks, if March 8, then flowers of all varieties. Every red date on the calendar has a visual that will appear in 80% of ad creatives, regardless of product. Very quickly, this approach either starts to annoy the audience, or it develops “blindness” to such content.

Therefore, so that your ad does not get lost in the news feed, design it without using the obvious attributes of the holiday or play with them in a new way. Use colors associated with the holiday, or show familiar elements from a different angle. This approach will make you stand out from the competition.

Create holiday offers

To increase the effectiveness of your holiday advertising campaign, launch a special promotion. These can be discounts, a unique loyalty system, gifts and other bonuses that will interest your target audience. Promotions always perform better than standard brand reminders via target or context. Such activity is much easier to play up creatively and make it more attractive than a one-time ad.

Do not impose

Not all products may be appropriate for any holiday, so you shouldn t forcefully offer it as a great gift. If your product is obviously not suitable, then the ad will look silly and ridiculous. Sometimes a creative approach can save, when a particular product is offered in a humorous manner, as if laughing at its own proposal, but there are not very many such cases in advertising. Firstly, it is difficult to correctly implement in order for willful humor to be considered. Secondly, not every manager is ready to risk such advertising. So sometimes it s better to just ignore certain holidays than try to fit your product into them organically.


The holidays are a great time to drive sales by interacting with hot traffic. Only in this case, people are interested not so much in the functions and benefits of your product, but in the appropriateness of its donation. The task of the brand for this period is to explain why its product is suitable as a good gift.

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