How to make an interesting broadcast on Instagram

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The ability to conduct live broadcasts is available in all popular social networks. In this regard, this format of content and communication with the audience is gaining more and more popularity. There are both individual streamers and just bloggers who periodically go live. Experts predict the development of broadcasts in 2021. Already, more and more sites are adding internal features of paid chat messages or regular donations. And to make your broadcasts interesting and effective, we have prepared several recommendations.

Be natural

The trend of recent years in SMM is naturalness and openness. Users are tired of a lot of filters in photos, demonstration of a “successful” life and other falsehoods. Therefore, the audience loved the story format so much. They often publish live content without serious processing and preparation.

The same approach should be followed in broadcasting. Behave naturally without trying to appear to your audience as someone you are not. Most of the viewers will still feel the deception and leave the air, making a negative opinion about you. Don t play for the camera and then you will find your audience.

Communicate with the audience

Do not forget about chat during the broadcast, unless you have a specific lecture format without feedback from the viewer. In all other cases, answer questions and respond to the chat, if not in real time, then at least set aside some time for this separately.

This way, viewers will feel like an important part of the broadcast and feel their influence over the entire process. This will affect the creation of an atmosphere on the air and increase audience loyalty. Feedback will encourage people to be more active not only under the broadcast, but under the rest of the content too.

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There is no need to turn on the broadcast with trembling hands and fear that you will now take an exam. You don t have to broadcast perfectly, be it first or hundredth. There will always be technical glitches, toxic commentators, or slips of the tongue – this is normal and should not be feared or ashamed of. Even if you relax, the likelihood of most problems will decrease.

Try to set yourself up for a casual friendly conversation. You don t have to try to please everyone or respond to every message. You are actually the conductor of the whole action and only you decide how exactly the broadcast will go.

Theme selection

The broadcast itself can be spontaneous, but even in this case, it is better to have a broadcast topic from which you can build on. You can later switch from it to another or stick to it until the very end, but most importantly, it will help you have an idea of ​​what to talk about, and the audience will help you decide its benefits.

In order for the broadcast to be in demand, choose the topic that is extremely relevant to your target audience. Try to make it out in enough detail so that the audience does not leave with the feeling that they were wasting time listening to the obvious thoughts.

Paired ether

Almost at all sites there is the possibility of paired live broadcasting, when two users actually “call” each other. Such broadcasts are comparable to podcasts, only there is much more interactivity here and everything is in real time. The viewer feels like a third interlocutor, especially if both presenters respond to the chat in a timely manner. This “ringing” will help you exchange audience and broadcast at a more lively pace.


Live broadcasts will be actively developing for the next few years, so if you are shy, afraid or have not tried to spend it yet, now is the time. This tool helps in warming up a cold audience and increasing the loyalty of an existing audience. Using broadcasts in your promotion will help improve your overall SMM metrics.

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