How to make a song go viral on TikTok

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We ve all seen viral TikTok videos and songs that went viral as a result. When you see them, they ve already gone viral. But what steps are artists and bands taking to make their songs go viral? Check out The Influencer Marketing Factory s tips on how to make a song go viral on TikTok.

1. Find the right talent

The first step to getting a song going viral on TikTok is finding the right talent that has to do with the music you re promoting. When looking for the right talent for the job, look for songwriters promoting similar songs and genres who have an interest in the music you are promoting. The more followers they have, the wider audience you will reach from the very beginning.

Also consider whether the music you are promoting is suitable for the type of content that TikTokers usually create. For example, if they are known for creating viral prank videos, you have to determine if that content will match the song you are promoting. It s important to consider lyrics – the more they work in tandem, the better the content will work.

2. Create a unique brand message

One of the best ways to create viral content is to create a unique challenge that s easy and fun to reproduce. Create an assignment that TikTokers will be inspired by and willing to contribute. One of the most interesting and successful content on TikTok is dance routines and choreography.

A dance challenge can be very popular if the music is fun and easy to dance to. If you re promoting a love song, it s best to create a challenge that s more like a reaction video, where the creators do something to show their love to a family member or significant other. Whatever it is, make it memorable, unique, and easy for others to replicate.

Also read tips from professional tiktokers on how to get promoted on this social network.

3. Use the correct hashtags

It is important to use the correct hashtags relevant to the song, artist, and genre, as well as some of the most popular hashtags that are most likely to place your content on a For You page.

In addition to using the correct hashtags with your content, you should also create your own unique hashtag that will allow users to quickly identify and spread the trend. The more users use the same hashtag, the wider the audience you will reach.

4. Be consistent in posting content

The more interesting content you post, the more attention your page will attract and the more followers you will have. If you have a problem that goes viral, then tackle another shortly thereafter so you don t miss out on the momentum the previous challenge created for your channel.

You can help kickstart the wave of content sharing by asking your friends and family to create videos as part of this challenge, which will increase your reach right from the start.

5. Use relevant memes

Creating a meme on TikTok can be a great way to make fun content that will make someone s day. After that, every time someone hears a song that you are promoting, they will remember a funny meme they saw on TikTok, with your song in the background. For example, among the funniest and most memorable memes on TikTok are “Cat Nala”, “Gummy Bear Adele”.

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