How to Improve Social Media Text: 5 Actionable Tips

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Whichever social network you are promoting, everyone has the opportunity to write a text on which the success of the publication as a whole will depend to varying degrees. Therefore, it is important to make it comfortable to read and useful or interesting to fill. And here s what will help you with this:

Remove bureaucracy and complex terminology

Leave business and professional writing for documents and press releases. People come to social networks to relax and remind themselves of work, faced here with the same written language, they clearly do not want to. Even if you re running a tech company or law firm profile, try to keep it simple. People on the topic will surely understand what the post is talking about, but it could also reach a less knowledgeable audience that is potentially interested in your product.

Don t get hung up on yourself

The problem with some commercial social networks is that companies in them write only about how good and high-quality they are. And you need to talk about how the product can make the client s life easier, solve his problems or simplify processes. The message of the text should be directed towards the consumer, and not towards the self-admiration of the brand.

If you write about yourself, then the ratio of such content to the rest should be minimal. A person does not choose a product based on superiority in a regional competition or on the basis of colorful self-praise turns. He looks at whether you can solve his problem, and your goal is to explain in your posts what you can. Show the benefits of the product, work out all the client s pains, show that you know about them, and can deprive them of them. You need to present yourself not with compliments to yourself or the ubiquitous “we did the first …”, but with your own benefit for the client.

End the post with a call or a question

This will not improve the essence of the text qualitatively, but it will increase the chances of being active under the publication, and this will increase the reach. With the questions in general, everything is clear – they asked something at the end of the post and then develop a dialogue with each commentator.

But with appeals you need to be careful. Especially when it comes to a request to like, repost, and the like. Such requests are read by social media algorithms and cut the reach of the post. Therefore, here it is better to be creative and instead of “like” write “put a heart” or replace the word with an emoji of a heart. Calls to follow a link can also cause a decrease in reach, but the point is in the link itself. Some say it can be worked around by leaving a link in the first comment. It is not known how this actually works today.

We also offer 5 ideas for approaches in content marketing.

More simplicity

There should be simplicity in everything: more simple sentences, more simple words, more simplicity in the very presentation of the text. In social networks, people read quickly and often even on the go, so the text should be perceived easily and be understandable from the first reading. If a person stumbles upon reading the text or sees its excessive complexity, then he will simply scroll through it.

With regards to the simplicity of presentation, then we are talking about the “friendly” tone of the story. Do not create artificial subordination in communication with the subscriber. Social networks are created for communication between friends, so companies need to behave in them as if they are another friend of a particular person.

Layout of text

On social networks, you cannot fully typeset text with quotes, headings and other things, if we are not talking about the format of an article on VKontakte or Facebook. In Instagram, even the space between paragraphs is not made by default. But the basic layout element can still be done. It s about dividing text into paragraphs and highlighting paragraphs or headings using emoji. Already these two rules will be enough for the publication to be easily perceived and indicate the accents in the text. And if you really want to create a high-quality layout, there are various Telegram bots. You should not publish your post as a canvas of text, as it is inconvenient to read and the audience will pass by.


In addition to the list above, you can add that the text will come out better if the purpose of the post is clear before writing it. If you understand what you want them to achieve, then the structure and essence of the publication will become more obvious.

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