How to become an Instagram influencer: a step-by-step guide

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Instagram has long turned from a platform for sharing photos and impressions into a business platform and an opportunity to monetize your business or yourself as a brand. In 2021, as in 2020, influencers will still remain “at the helm” and it is through them that huge amounts of advertising will pass.

More than 80% of Instagram users are subscribed to company pages. This means that brands will continue to actively promote services and products through bloggers. According to Mediakix, brands will spend about $ 15 billion on marketing from influencers by 2022. In 2019, the amount was only $ 8 billion.

According to Business Insider, 79% of brands use Instagram for influencer campaigns, Facebook 46%, YouTube 36%, Twitter 24%, and LinkedIn 12%.

Today, being an influencer is not just pleasant in terms of communicating with subscribers and forming your own cultural or social layer, conveying your ideas, but also banal because it is profitable. In the US market, influencers charge anywhere from $ 75 to $ 3,000 per ad post.

And if earlier large advertisers came with advertising only to the profiles of celebrities (stars, actors) with a million audience, today brands are increasingly turning to nano-bloggers and influencers in specific narrow niches for help.

How to become a successful Instagram influencer

One of the fundamental principles that is always important to keep in mind if you plan to be an influencer is that your subscribers should trust you. Gather a high-quality, albeit small, audience loyal to you and your ideas.

Try to be honest, open, and unique on your profile. Communicate with your audience on an equal footing. It takes a lot of work to build trust with your audience. Get ready to devote a lot of time, energy and energy to your Instagram, carefully select topics and posts, and post content regularly. You will have to show dedication if you really want to become an influencer.

In the heyday of Instagram blogging, many people mistakenly assume that becoming a mega influencer is easy. But it is not so. Anyone can become an influencer, but you have to make an effort. Blogging is not just an abundance of emoticons in the text, a photo of your breakfast and coffee. To become an Instagram influencer:

  1. Use your personal photo as a profile photo. This is the first thing that subscribers see. It is advisable not to change the avatar too often and be recognizable on it so that subscribers can easily see whose content they are consuming.
  2. Build and maintain your personal brand. In particular, identify yourself. Who are you: travel blogger, dog lover, party-goer, wine expert, body positive or seafood lover? Pick a couple of things, characteristics that set you apart from others. Some kind of personal chip. There are a lot of dog lovers, but you have to find something to stand out from a new angle. Perhaps you are a zoopsychologist or you are traveling with a dog in a car to non-trivial places.
  3. Clearly write in the profile header who you are and what you are talking about. And if something has changed, be sure to update the text. If you cannot form in a couple of lines what you and your profile are about, then you have not decided for yourself. Then a logical question: what needs of subscribers will you cover? To determine what your profile might be about, ask yourself: what do you like the most? What are you good at? What could you write about just like that, without even getting money? What is important and interesting to the audience?
  4. Have candid conversations with your audience, find out what they like.
  5. Never resort to gray or black methods of boosting subscribers. Inactive bot accounts will spoil your statistics and results in the feed.
  6. Remember to post your face regularly. People prefer to see a real person in their profiles, not just pretty photos or great texts. And even if you have, as it seems to you, the most ordinary life without adventures, travel, career achievements, remember that you can always find your audience and become popular if you show your personality and find your own peculiarity.
  7. Be clear about who your target audience is. Who are these people, what are they, what are their hobbies, what ideas they support. And based on this portrait of a potential audience, try to give them the kind of content they need. If you want to be an Instagram influencer, and not just run your page like a personal photo diary, then you should first of all provide content and topics that interest your audience. This does not mean that you have to adapt and write about uninteresting topics, but keep the focus on the needs of the audience.
  8. Be open and honest with your audience to build a strong bond.
  9. Engage subscribers in a dialogue, ask them to comment, express their opinion. Reciprocate them, do not miss reactions or comments. Go to your subscribers profiles and give them feedback too.
  10. Create a content plan, keep stories or texts in stock in case there is no inspiration or fresh updates. Get serious about creating and posting content on a regular basis. Get inspired by other profiles, pictures from Pinterest, or stories from people. If you need help, use the content posting planners. This will free up time and make the feed more organized.
  11. Work out the aesthetics of your profile. Use some photo editing software. Create a consistent blog style. If possible, select photos for posts so that they look harmonious in the overall grid.
  12. When your profile is interesting to advertisers, don t betray yourself and your audience with inappropriate, rude ads. Collaborate only with those profiles that really resonate with you, that the audience will like and will not cause confusion. Agree, if you are a childfree who lives with two cats and loves to drink pinot noir in the evenings, it is unlikely that advertising for baby games will be adequately received by your audience.
  13. Maintain a balance between ads and non-ad content. Even if partner brands are great for your audience, don t forget that there may be too many ads.
  14. If you are not ready to disclose any details of your personal life or secrets, then feel free to set boundaries, clearly, but without aggression, clarify with your subscribers what questions you should definitely not ask. The influencer has the right to personal boundaries and is not obliged to turn his soul inside out.
  15. Learn to interact competently with haters, define the edges when you just need to block. If you see an outspoken hater, do not enter into long discussions with him, most likely he is not here in search of answers and truth, but to drain his negativity.
  16. Remember to post regularly to Stories. Instagram Stories sell, increase awareness and reach.
  17. Write good lyrics. Don t just write unsubscribes or longreads. Take a copywriting course or analyze the texts you like in terms of the writing techniques used. Read more of those posts that respond to you to train your skills.
  18. Choose the right hashtags. Don t choose too high-frequency, use a combination of hashtags with different search volumes from 10,000 to 1 million. But definitely not more than a million.
  19. Go to your business profile to access analytics. Add email, contacts to make it easy for brands to reach you.
  20. Use Instagram analytics tools. Analyze your audience, popular posts.
  21. Inspire your audience. For example, on challenges, revision of habits or ideas, on healthy eating or on solo travel and exploration of the world, oneself.
  22. Interact with your audience regularly. Add links to projects, materials that you want to share in the header. Use calls to action.
  23. Create a community, a safe space where there will be common interests, support and an interesting exchange of resources, ideas.
  24. Mark your favorite brands / places just like that, for free.
  25. Interact with other influencers. Arrange general broadcasts, share the audience.
  26. Invest in paid promotion to engage your audience.
  27. Decide if influencer is your main source of income or additional income and an interesting pastime. It is important to understand the goal and, based on it, build your profile.
  28. Rate yourself: how much does it cost to advertise on your profile. To do this, you need to study the statistics of engagement, analyze the audience, average prices in the market.
  29. Create an interesting, unusual pitch for advertisers.
  30. Invest in a phone with a good camera, light, photo equipment. On Instagram, visuals are very important.
  31. Live and enjoy real life. This will give you a better chance of producing interesting, relevant content for your audience.

We also recently looked into how much Instagram influencers actually make.

How an Instagram influencer can find advertisers

According to a Morning Consult survey, 54% of Gen Z people and millennials would like to become influencers on social media. Members of this generation themselves trust influencers more than celebrities when it comes to online content.

Millennials are willing to “sell” brands they like at a relatively low cost. This state of affairs makes nano bloggers and influencers even more in-demand businesses. Brands are increasingly targeting casual users and less and less expensive celebrity ads.

Rakuten Marketing conducted a survey in 2019, according to which brands spent 40% of a brand s annual spending on micro-influence, and 28% on stars.

More often than not, brands are targeting your profile reach and niche. That is, if you have a small but active audience that shows high engagement, then the chances of attracting the advertiser s attention are very high.

In addition, the niche you occupy is very important for companies. If your niche fits perfectly with your marketing strategy, then a partnership is very likely.

But don t forget that you have to match the brand, its values ​​and fall into the tone of voice. Relatively speaking, even if your audience suits a certain brand, but, for example, all your posts with humor and slang, it is unlikely that the Swiss watch brand will approve of your writing style. In this case, if you write an absolutely serious selling post that is not typical of your profile, then the advertising will clearly not be native. Be thoughtful about your brand partnerships.

Research brands that you like, with which you have common values, and offer them to collaborate first. Most likely, companies will be keenly interested in your profile.

During a pandemic, influencers and their content are even more important to businesses than they were before. Studio licked advertising shootings “come” to buyers sitting at home several times less than “domesticated” advertising. And although from the beginning of last year, the costs on leaders of influence decreased by 3%, by May 2020, they returned to normal.

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