How Netflix Uses Humor and Personalized Content in Its Marketing Strategy

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Netflix started out as a mail-order DVD service, but at one point the company completely changed its development strategy and focused on streaming video. This came after Amazon and Walmart opened a DVD rental service, which led to a huge drop in Netflix s audience. Now they have more than 180 million subscribers and these numbers are growing regularly, especially during a pandemic.

In addition to working on creating its own films, series and shows, expanding the content library, Netflix actively uses marketing tools and social media to promote itself.

Here s how Netflix promotes its brand on social media, what content marketing and retention methods it uses, and how it gets people to watch the company s shows all the time, no matter how much they want to go to sleep.

Promotional humor

This is only appropriate if the idea, product, or service you are promoting is not highly controversial. While bold humor quickly grabs attention, it can backfire, having a lasting negative impact on your audience.

Good news …

Humor in advertising attracts people well if the advertised product is not controversial and everything is done correctly. Netflix does a great job with this. The company has developed a corporate style for communicating with fans. It is informal and it seems like another fan is talking to you, and not a huge corporation. This kind of communication gets a huge response from millennials and buzzers.

This is especially true of the company s Twitter account. He regularly generates memes and comes to users replies. Moreover, tweets are not even put on promotions, but they collect large reach, a bunch of likes and reposts due to virality. They are built on the content of Netflix – TV shows, films and service shows.

The company has mastered the art of regularly creating memes, many of which go viral and go viral. Thus, the recognition of the service and its content increases.

Netflix also encourages other users to tweet. If a person made a great joke or created something original about Netflix, then the company will like it, repost it, or come in a comment. This increases audience loyalty. People love that the company pays attention to them.

Netflix makes the most of social media

Netflix knows how to get the most out of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. To do this, they create polls and ask interesting questions that quickly resonate with viewers. One sassy response from Netflix, be it a sarcastic comment or gif, could lead to five minutes of social media fame. It also encourages fans to continue the discussion under their posts.

Here are some sample polls from Netflix:

Netflix is ​​adept at using email marketing

Deleting a bunch of boring and empty emails on a regular basis is terribly boring. Netflix knows this, which is why they are smart about their mailing lists.

The company closely monitors user behavior and sends emails based on this. Here are just a few examples of user preference that Netflix measures:

– What time and day a person watches content.

– When it pauses, rewinds and resumes content.

– The ratings given to each film / series.

– The device you are using to view this show.

– Watches an entire episode or season at a time.

This can, of course, sound creepy. But as long as the data is used to improve the quality of customer service, customers remain happy.

Netflix personalizes everything

Netflix addresses its users by name, sends out personalized content, but that s not all. Also, the main page of the service is different for each user, depending on his preferences and browsing history.

Plus, the company uses a simplified approach to email design that allows readers to quickly find a call to action without getting lost in the sheer number of characters.

Netflix will never bombard the user with most of their movie / TV series recommendations as their content library is so huge. Instead, they prefer to promote a separate TV show with a clear call-to-action button. Everything is clear and understandable.

The same goes for push notifications. They will not send messages about everything, but only about the content that will interest a particular person.

The audience will never be bored and annoyed if the brand gives them the content they really need, and not all in a row.

Netflix follows trends

The company s marketers are constantly monitoring what is relevant right now. When Snapchat was at its peak, they partnered with a promo service.

the second season of Stranger Things. They also did for Gilmore Girls. Snapchat created a filter that was associated with one of the show s key locations. Already on the first day of launch, the filter was used almost a million times.

And when a meme about a boy singing in a Walmart supermarket flew in the United States, Netflix overlaid the video with the sound from their TV series Riverdale. There one of the heroes sang at a talent competition. As a result, their video got hundreds of thousands of likes and more than one million views on Facebook.

Netflix is ​​working on bugs

The more popular a brand becomes, the more likely it is to get involved in a scandal. For example, one time on Twitter Netflix came out the following tweet:

The company wrote about subscribers watching the same movie over and over. People started to worry about their privacy. They may still accept that Netflix is ​​monitoring their behavior, but why share this with other people on their social networks?

In the end, Netflix apologized and assured users that they would not share their data.


How does Netflix manage to retain its users and leadership despite the emergence of a number of new competitors?

  1. They are working to create authentic content that keeps the audience s attention on the service and its content.
  2. A reliable system for tracking user actions on the site so that you know what they really want and how they want to watch it.
  3. Netflix catches trends and generates content that makes people interact more and more about it.
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