How much do Instagram influencers make?

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According to the Influencer Marketing Outlook 2020 report, Instagram is ranked # 1 on the list of top influencer marketing platforms. The goal of such marketing is to influence consumer behavior and choices, and collaborating with influencers is one way to do this. Influencers are bloggers who advertise the products of well-known brands, thereby monetizing their impact on the audience. So how much income do influencers get from promoting products on a top social network?

Uncovering the cards: how much Instagram influencers make

Influencer marketing is at the forefront of popular digital marketing channels. But getting the honorary title of opinion leader and starting to earn round sums in dollar terms is not so easy – you need to meet certain criteria. First of all, to have a significant audience reach and a high level of subscriber engagement in the life of the blog, that is, to be on the list of the most visited thematic channels.

Nano influencers with a subscriber base of 1,000 to 10,000 receive an average of $ 10-100 per post. Micro-influencers with an audience of 10-50 thousand cost $ 100-500, average bloggers with 50-500 thousand followers – $ 500-5000.Starting from 500 thousand and up to 1 million, the rates increase significantly: such macro-influencers can ask for their services $ 5,000-10,000, and successful bloggers-millionaires (mega-influencers) – from $ 10,000 per post.

So, you can trace the pattern: for 10 thousand followers, there is $ 100, but it is difficult to standardize the calculations, because many factors affect the amount of income: from the duration of the advertising campaign and the blogger s expenses for promotion to the level of competition in the influencer market. And if a blogger has an active audience of millions in all top social networks, his income grows at an insane rate. For comparison: a mega-influencer on YouTube can get from 20,000 per post, on TikTok – $ 2,500, on Twitter – $ 2,000, on FB – more than $ 25,000!

If you delve into the details, you can see that the rates vary depending on the publication format. According to annual Klear research, in 2020, influencers received $ 180 for Stories ads, $ 370 for creating a feed post, and $ 670 for video ads. These are the average prices of influencers for the period January-August 2020, which are growing rapidly as their audience reach expands: a blogger who crosses the line of 500 thousand followers can expect to pay a standard publication for a feed in the amount of $ 2,738, videos – $ 4,678!

Although influencers with 30,000 to 500,000 fans make pretty good money: for a post – $ 535, for a video format – $ 960. For “small” influencers with a reach of 500-5000 subscribers, income is strikingly different – writing a post costs only $ 65, video publishing – $ 111. However, do not underestimate Insta bloggers of the “nano” and “micro” level – if you have the potential and the desire to develop in an honest way (without boosting activity), the chances of quickly reaching the top in the niche are very high.

Who are they – the high-paying faces of Instagram

According to the Klear report, the most successful Insta bloggers are Generation Z who were born in the digital world (early 2000s) and have shown an interest in technology since childhood. Their average earnings exceed those of the older generation Y in all post formats: Stories – $ 245 versus $ 229, feed posts – $ 520 versus $ 448, videos – 807 versus $ 796.

Teens, on the other hand, can compete in terms of income from video advertising with Generation X: $ 283 versus $ 241. Still, in terms of other indicators, the “elders” benefit from teens, earning an average of $ 45 more (for comparison: $ 122 versus $ 73 per Stories and 211 versus $ 170 per post).

There are gender differences in the influencer industry, with about 85% of the market being female bloggers. However, men earn 18% more from collaborating with brands, which is $ 128 in monetary terms. A similar division is observed not only in salaries, but also in blogging categories. Female influencers dominate in areas such as DIY or DIY (94%), relationships, family life and parenting (93%), beauty (92%) and fashion (80%). Men pay more attention to sports and fitness (65%), photography (51%) and travel (63%).

Probably, it is the differences in activity by category that determine the wage gap. One of the reasons can also be considered a pandemic, due to which the payment of influencers working in the field of beauty in 2020 (compared to 2019) decreased by 18%, and in the field of fashion – by 15%.

Where do the wealthiest bloggers live? It is most profitable to be an influencer in the UK, because they receive, on average, $ 500 for Insta collaboration. In second place are opinion leaders from Germany, whose services are estimated at $ 377. Next on the list are Australia ($ 341), Italy ($ 263) and Spain ($ 204), and France ($ 173) finishes it.

It s worth noting that Klear s statistics on influencer salaries, demographics and geography are based on a sample of Instagram s 4,850 influencers for 8 months of 2020, starting in January. If you are looking for influencers to collaborate on Instagram, be prepared for the fact that the prices for the services of most of them will be far from statistical. Conversion of courses, specialization, audience coverage, engagement, content format also play a role here. If you dream of becoming famous and in demand in the influencer market, reconsider the cost of your advertising services in terms of the factors described above, without overestimating your abilities and capabilities as a blogger, and play by fair rules.

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