How emotional intelligence affects sales

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In articles about marketing, the topic of sales is mainly revealed from the side of the toolkit. Authors write how to increase sales, what affects them, how to provoke them, and so on. But few people write about empathy and emotional intelligence in this process. And sales are always accompanied by emotions, both from one side and the other. They, no less than the qualities of the product and the savvy of the seller, affect whether the company buys its goods or not. In this article, we ll show you how emotional intelligence helps you sell and how you can develop it.

What is emotional intelligence

Surely you have met sellers with whom you have not developed a connection. This could happen for various reasons: the seller was naughty in front of you, he did not have a previous deal, he was not sufficiently motivated to sell, and so on. Because of this, he cannot carefully listen to the client, offer a suitable solution to his problem, and generally does not seem to be in the context of the situation. As a result, the consumer remains dissatisfied with the communication with the seller and does not make a purchase. If the seller had a high level of emotional intelligence, his previous failures would not affect the dialogue with the client and the person would most likely leave with the purchase.

Emotional Intelligence (EI) – the ability to identify and manage your own and others emotions.
A company can lose a customer before the actual purchase due to the low EI of the seller. It turns out that all the previous marketing, which was carried out so that a person applied for an order or came to the store, was in vain. The budgets have been spent, the ads have been worked out, and the final result is worse than it could have been.

In another article, we also analyzed the persuasion skill of the ancient Greeks for use in modern marketing.

Why Emotional Intelligence in Sales

In an era when many sales are automated and sterile, high-quality communication with a live salesperson is perceived by the consumer more positively. Emotional intelligence in this matter becomes an irreplaceable assistant. Here s where it helps:

– Resolving conflict situations;

– Establishing contact with another person;

– Ability to understand other people s emotions and work with them;

– Ability to work with personal emotions and not show them in society;

– Cope with stressful and uncomfortable situations.

All this is present in sales of any kind: cold, active, direct, and so on. Everywhere there is contact with a living person, for whom the purchase of any thing has an emotional background. The more accurately and correctly the seller will work with him, the more sales will be brought to the final payment.

How to develop EI

Emotional intelligence is useful not only for salespeople, but also for executives and other non-salespeople. Empathy skills never hurt. Different sources interpret the components of EI in their own way, but we will turn to the primary source – Daniel Goleman s book “Emotional Intelligence: Why It Might Matter More Than IQ”. In it, he noted the qualities that need to be worked out in order to increase your EI:

Self-awareness. Learn to understand your emotions and be able to analyze them. Identify your strengths and weaknesses to work with.

Self-control. Keep your emotions in balance no matter the situation.

Empathy. Try to understand the emotions of your interlocutors in order to determine the context of their condition and not strengthen it in a negative direction.

Relationship skills. Build comfortable relationships with the people around you. Learn to deal with conflict, manage other people s emotions, and work as a team.


Various studies argue with the concept of emotional intelligence, as it cannot be measured in any specific way. In the scientific community, this term is generally not recognized. But don t rely on specific numbers when it comes to emotions. Any reader as a consumer will understand that a smiling convenience store clerk or a consultant who is genuinely trying to help choose the right product is perceived more positively by disinterested company representatives. Therefore, develop your EI and increase sales not only with new marketing tools.

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