How B2B Business Uses Content Marketing and How It Benefits

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Backlinko s Brian Dean recently analyzed over 500 content strategies for B2B companies. This study showed the effectiveness of some content marketing tools and how many entrepreneurs use them. The information from the article will help you choose the right toolkit for you to improve your own content.

Personal blog of the company

The study found that over 70% of B2B businesses have a personal blog. In most cases, such a blog is used as the only content marketing tool. This approach is not entirely correct, as other solutions help in promotion.

According to FocusVision, B2B customers consume on average about 13 units of content over the entire sales funnel. Most of them are materials from the company s website. Based on these numbers, almost half of marketers are planning to increase their content marketing budgets in general.

Why a company s personal blog is useful:

– Increases the site in the search engine results

– Closes a series of frequently asked customer questions

– Allows you to get closer to the audience through news about the company, its achievements and other information

Your own blog can be the main tool in your company s content marketing, but not the only one. Do not forget about other specialized sites with an open opportunity to publish content, as well as about social networks. Taken together, this approach will be more effective than a solely independent blog.

Company blog content

The study says that less than 10% of companies use a blog as a personal PR tool that only talks about business achievements and news. Almost 40% lean towards useful content that aims to educate their audience. This option is considered the most effective, since the blog has a great opportunity to rise higher in the search results.

The main blog formats are of the following types:

– Company news: it talks exclusively about brand changes and successes

– Educational content: such blogs may not directly talk about their product, but attract the audience with useful content for them

– Mixed format: in this case, company news is mixed with useful materials

– Industry news: this format covers news of the company s field of activity

More than half of companies use a mixed blog format. It allows you to keep the audience up to date with the events of the enterprise, and also trains them to properly operate their product. It is worth noting that blogs with useful content have 50% more organic traffic than those that write about themselves or the industry in general. This is due to the large number of keywords and phrases by which the user can find the company s website.

Company blog design and functions

In order for a blog to be effective for business, and not to be a simple informative platform, it must be properly equipped. We re talking about internal user retention tools that will increase metrics like pageview depth.

Research shows that only a third of companies allow commenting on their blog posts, and a quarter have no calls to action. That the first, that the second only reduces the conversion of the user into a customer who buy something. Comments allow you to ask a question under a specific material, so as not to look for an alternative way to do this. This approach is most convenient for a person, which increases the number of calls to the company. The call to action also affects the increase in leads, only in a way that reminds the reader that he can turn to this company for a solution to his problem.


The most successful B2B blog articles, according to research, gain about 100 shares on social networks and about 50 visits to organic traffic from search engines. This suggests that you should not be limited solely to your own website. Distribute your content on other sites, promote it for a fee, and do not limit yourself exclusively to the news format. Smart end-to-end content marketing can help a company increase its leads.

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