Getting Ready for the Holidays: How to Create Holiday Campaigns for This Challenging Year

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For many companies, the main income comes from the New Year season. This year will be more difficult than in any other, but you cannot miss the benefit. Follow our advice and create a cool and unique holiday advertising strategy now.

The start of the holiday season

In recent years, it seems that the season of New Year s sales starts earlier and earlier. 2020 is no exception. The real excitement will begin in November – everyone will choose gifts for loved ones and for themselves, as well as compare prices. The pandemic has shown that you need to be prepared for any turn of events, so the development of a holiday strategy needs to be started right now.

How the internet world has changed in 2020

According to reports provided by the portals Akamai, GlobalWebIndex, Datareportal, global Internet traffic has grown by 30% during self-isolation, which indicates an increase in the use of devices connected to the network.

According to the reports, as of July 2020, there are more people who use social networks than people who do not use them. Over the past year, the Internet audience has grown by 346 million users, which means an increase in potential customers for each brand.

Having studied this information, we conclude that people began to make much more purchases on the Internet than usual. According to the Association of Internet Trade Companies (AKIT), in the first half of 2020, the share of online purchases in the Russian Federation increased by almost 11%. The market is already returning to last year s norm, but experts predict a quick new growth of this indicator.

People started shopping in advance. This is due to concerns about delivery delays or supply problems due to COVID. All of this is compounded by uncertainty about the future of the pandemic and job security. This means that purchases will start earlier. Isn t this a reason to start developing your holiday advertising strategy now?

There is currently no guarantee that stores will remain open for offline purchases in a month or two. Salesforce research suggests that 50% of all seasonal retail revenue will be completed by December 3rd.

Let s turn to another study that talks about changing our behavior on the web. The American newspaper The New York Times published a study, the results of which showed that at the beginning of the quarantine, the number of smartphone users decreased in relation to PC users. Portals like Netflix and YouTube have become hostages of their own websites. People at home preferred to watch videos from large screens.

In addition, video communication services took over part of the audience from messengers familiar to everyone, as people began to lack personal communication. And, of course, TikTok became the record holder for increasing the audience during the pandemic. The number of users continues to grow steadily.

Competition is growing

No matter how much you spend on ads before, get ready to spend more for the same reach, impressions, clicks and conversions.


All this is due to the fact that the number of competitors always grows during the holiday season. Those who have been online for several days will increase their ad spend. Now you have to fight for a place in the sun.

The number of brands in e-commerce will double in the coming holiday season. More and more companies are starting to sell online. In addition, many will try to compensate for the unexpected loss of income over the past months. Don t be surprised if you have to spend more than double your normal ad budget to get the same results.

You are competing with a huge number of brands. So use this year to really stand out with ads with unique content. In this difficult time, people need more positive emotions. Become a brand that delivers it.

Where do you start?

“We can t use all of our holiday offers in October, or we won t have anything unique at the right time,” so many companies would argue. But you don t need to start selling right now. It s about much more.

Think what people know about your brand? Do they even know your brand? This is the moment when you need to talk about your unique brand with its unique products and services. Yes, we wrote earlier that purchases will start earlier this year, but the importance of recognition must not be overlooked.

Everyone understands perfectly well that the fullness of the funnel must be maintained, otherwise it can completely empty. Tell about yourself on Facebook, start videos on Instagram, announce yourself on TikTok. Experiment with photos, GIFs, and videos. Plan your holiday advertising strategy like a lead generation campaign.

Today, more than ever, people buy from companies that share their values. So don t be afraid to talk about them. People are more likely to buy products from a brand that conveys meaningful information to them. Whether it s supporting a charitable organization or educating people about environmental concerns.

To understand how to deal with stressful and unpredictable situations, it is necessary to draw up an appropriate plan.


When planning your advertising strategy for the holidays, ask yourself what could go wrong.

  • Analyze the demand for which products have grown. Recent studies have shown that during the pandemic, demand for educational services, handicrafts, games and entertainment has grown. Think about what products you will offer in case of new unforeseen situations.
  • In the event of massive layoffs and layoffs, purchasing power will decline. What will you offer to a potential buyer so as not to lose profit?
  • How to adapt to changes in rules, regulations or algorithms?
  • What will you do if one of the social networks or a certain platform becomes too expensive or unsuitable for advertising?

Try to see the worst-case scenarios that could unfold before your very eyes. Next, develop a holiday advertising strategy based on how you will handle sudden changes.

This holiday season is going to be challenging. But success will be much easier if you develop the right strategy and take into account all sorts of factors.

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