Changing Trends of Indian Wedding Photography

Indian weddings have changed a lot in recent years and people spend more time and money on marriage events.

Traditional photography is replaced with candid photography and more storytelling. Social media plays a big role in the wedding events, people make the live streaming of the ceremony and make their wedding live on Youtube and other social media channels. People prefer to go with the latest trends and try out new styles.

With changing in trends and style rituals are the same and have more demand in modern Indian wedding photography.

A couple of excitement for the new trends is at top. So, whether it is love marriage or arranged marriage, the purpose of wedding photography is to deliver storytelling and memorable moments to cherish over the years.

For decades, Indian photographers have followed the traditional way of capturing photos. There are many moments where we can see couples standing on stage and guests will take turns to stand with them for photographs, these days are gone now.

Traditional Vs Modern Photography

We are not going to debate on which style is better rather than we will discuss which is in trend now.

Traditional photography is widely accepted by generation. Your wedding album fills with guest photographers who attend the ceremony and a few rituals clicks. But when it comes to telling our love story to people in the form of pictures then candid wedding photography is the best option. Modern photography is more about capturing moments and stories rather than just poses.

Also, couples don't need to keep the photographs in an album or in the frame, they can share the pictures across various social media platforms and also make live videos on youtube.

Trends of Wedding Photography Candid Wedding Photography

Nowadays, couple's are more active on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and prefer to share images on it.

To share the photographs on social media, they need to be more mesmerising. This is why candid wedding photography is in more demand now. Creative pictures gain more attraction to social media and also make up good memories. Candid wedding photographers have the skill to capture natural moments and make them more beautiful.

Couples can also suggest photographers if they have any specific requirement.

Candid wedding photography is the most followed trends in recent years. Candid wedding photography is all about capturing the image without disturbing the person and making it candid.

Destination Wedding Photography

Destination weddings are also the most demanded trends in recent year. Couples prefer to tie knots with each other at a beautiful location with the company of family and friends. Photography plays a crucial role in destination weddings as photographers need to study the place before the shoot.

Couples prefer to go with their own photographer for the destination wedding. It needs skills to capture destination weddings and many modern photographers can do that with quality service.

Pre-wedding Photography

Those days are gone when couples meet each other on the wedding day.

They prefer to spend more time with each other before making a commitment. Pre-wedding photoshoots give them a chance to come closer. Craze and demand for pre-wedding photoshoot have grown in recent years and the demand for pre-wedding photographers as well.

It is a new trend in Indian weddings and is going to be part of every Indian wedding. With the opportunities, photographers also have challenges while making pre-wedding photoshoot. Making couples comfortable with each other removes the awkwardness and shyness of the camera.

Modern Indian Photography is full of storytelling rather than traditional photos. Couples prefer social media visibility rather than the traditional album of the ceremony. In upcoming years, We may see a rise in the demand for candid wedding photographers and photography.

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