Guide to using Instagram emojis

Instagram emojis aren t just for teens. They represent a thought or idea that is understandable to a wider audience. Brands that work with audiences speaking different languages ​​can use…

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7 marketing lessons from Lego

Lego is one of the most popular brands in the world. Their profits are growing even now. The company posted 11% growth in September. The company is known all over…

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Why social media is really useful for business

Hootsuite recently partnered with the Altimeter Group to survey over 2,000 marketers and interviewed leading brands in their industry. The study discussed the feasibility of spending a business on social…

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7 books for convincing communication

These 7 books will teach you to understand the interlocutor, convince opponents and gain popularity.“Mastery of communication. How to Find a Common Language with Anyone ", Paul McGeeSometimes, to achieve…

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