Basic content marketing for small businesses

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There is a misconception that only large companies can afford effective content marketing. They say that this tool does not bring instant sales and requires a lot of resources, which is not affordable for a small business.

You can partly agree with this, but you shouldn t give up content marketing as an additional way of promotion. There are options when you can not do it at full strength, saving time or budgets.

Does business need content marketing?

The answer is needed. Optional, but definitely not superfluous. Some American studies have shown that if you take all the marketing tools of companies that have existed for five years or more, then the cheapest customers were attracted through the work with content. This is due to the fact that once spent resources on content can bring customers for many years.

The only time you don t need this tool is if you are aiming for quick sales. In this case, buying traffic (targeted advertising, paid placements, etc.) will be a more effective option. But even here you can achieve great results if before that you worked with the audience through high-quality content marketing.

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What content marketing is available to small businesses?

Either cheap or rare. If you combine both of these qualities, then there will be no sense in the work at all. The main thing is to understand that content marketing is not just texts, videos and photos that are published on our own or other people s sites. Ideally, this is a complex work with different formats of content, which is then conveyed to the target audience. You must create material that meets the needs and interests of your audience, and then distribute it. If the algorithm is missing something, it is no longer content marketing.

Cheap format often involves a lot of time underneath in the interest of saving the company money. Images or videos are not created in professional programs, but with the help of online constructors. The text is written not by a copywriter, but by one of the already working employees. As a promotion, not paid advertising is used, but placement on free sites, where the desired target audience is potentially located. Your strong point here should be the regularity of the content release. Probably, the visual will not be the most beautiful, and the text will not be the most structural, but if such material touches upon and addresses the needs of the audience, it is better than nothing. Yes, there are not so many free sites and the traffic on them is often either small or cluttered, but even on them with average content, you can occasionally find customers.

Rare format means a point presence on different platforms or on one, but with a rare regularity of content release. In this case, at least a minimum budget is accumulated, which will allow the delivery of material to the target audience by paid methods. Here you need to work well on the publication itself, since the promotion of an article with office papers or a video with bad sound will not lead to anything and the budget will merge into a pipe. Make sure you cover a topic that is relevant or painful for your audience so that the content is useful or at least interesting to them. Here, for best efficiency, use a call to action or offer a lead magnet to continue the user experience further.

What is meant by basic content marketing?

We call it the minimum work with this tool at one or two sites. This can be a personal blog on a website, a popular social network, or a thread on a forum. The word “basic” is used because the work itself does not require large resources, but it can prepare the basis for more serious development in this direction in the future.

Regardless of the platform, the company must not only create content, but also promote it in every possible way. Otherwise, no one will see your efforts, no matter how much you spend on creating a publication. Here are the right channels for low-cost or rare content marketing:

– Mailings (SMS, e-mail or mailings in social networks)

– Personal blog (on the company s website, on a profile resource, on a social network or forum)

– Creation of instructions, checklists and guides (such content can be used as a separate unit and promoted through different channels)

– Webinars (this can be regular broadcasts on social networks or rare speeches using special services, promoted as a separate event)


Content marketing is more affordable than it sounds. It can and should be dealt with regardless of the scale of the business. Even minimal work in this direction will pay off in the long term. The main thing is to satisfy the needs of the right audience.

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