8 little-known facts about images, photo filters and hashtags on Instagram

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Instagram is a relatively young marketing channel, which makes it even more interesting. Those who start trying the channel first have advantages, but there are also difficulties – you need to independently identify all the patterns of the site s work and draw conclusions yourself. It takes time.

HubSpot recently analyzed 1.5 million images from 1 million users and made 9 interesting insights about working on Instagram that you can apply now.

Add more hashtags to boost engagement

There is a direct link between hashtags and engagement, likes and comments on Instagram. The more hashtags a photo has, the more noticeable it is, the more noticeable a photo is, the more likely it is that someone will like it. Just remember to limit the number of hashtags to 30, otherwise Instagram may not like it.

Don t use filters on photos

As paradoxical as it may seem, Instagram filters don t work for brand accounts either. It s better not to use them at all – photos without filters attract more attention and the social network appreciates this.

Ask to like

Requesting comments and likes works well. Of course, you will get them anyway, but if you ask, you will get more. Much more. So please like your photos before posting.

Remove color saturation

Instagram users prefer photos without vibrant color saturation. Desaturated photos not only look good but also get more likes. In some cases, the difference between a highly saturated and highly desaturated photo can be up to 600%.

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Add faces to your photos

HubSpot ran a facial recognition algorithm and found something interesting. Photos with at least one face got more likes on average. 35% more. No wonder. We humans react powerfully to faces — usually what we pay most attention to.

Add more details

Minimalism on Instagram is not rewarded. The more your photos are filled with elements, the more likely they are to like them. Don t leave too much blank space in your Instagram photos. Add frames, labels.

Choose colder colors

Bright colors may work elsewhere, but they don t work on Instagram. Cooler colors are popular there. They get more likes. Give preference to grays, blues and greens.

Brighten your photos

While desaturated photos with cool tones are important, try not to be too dark. Be light – the more the better.

The brightest pictures attract the most likes. Moving to the other side along the brightness spectrum, you lose activity. The difference is striking. The brightest photos get 592% more likes than the darkest ones.

Tell us, what patterns did you notice when posting content on Instаgram? Share in the comments for this article!

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