8 biggest YouTube marketing mistakes brands make

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YouTube is a little different from most other social networks. People don t see the content feed the same way they do on Facebook or Instagram. Visitors come to YouTube with the intent to watch something specific. It is a popular platform for education or reviewing reviews to make a purchasing decision.

YouTube marketing can be extremely effective. It is the second most popular social network with over 1.9 billion monthly active users. The social platform receives up to one billion hours of video viewing per day and more than 90% of users discover a new brand and / or product on the platform at some point.

YouTube provides tremendous marketing opportunities for businesses, but only if done right. We ve rounded up 8 common YouTube brand marketing mistakes.

1. Neglecting to moderate YouTube video comments

Even big brands regularly make this mistake of thinking that videos speak for themselves. Remember that when people come to your channel or your video, they take in your entire image on the web. This often includes a comment section as well.

You need to be notified immediately to view comments, negative conversations about your brand or your video. They can undermine your reputation even before you have a chance to attract interested customers.

Aside from filtering out unwanted comments, it s also important to engage with positive comments on your video.

2. Lack of corporate identity on the YouTube channel

We mentioned a key fact: when people come to your channel, they look at your entire channel. Show them what your brand is and get them interested. You need to brand every part of your channel.

Consistent branding involves a strong channel design that represents your brand well and matches your profile picture perfectly. Choose a strong, brand-focused, story-driven video that highlights what makes your product, service, or brand unique. Treat it like a video version of the “About Us” section on your site.

You can also use branded video thumbnails to create a consistent look for your channel as well as increase brand awareness. Every time someone sees a thumbnail video of your logo and specific design, they ll recognize your brand.

In this article, we wrote about the most popular video marketing tactics today.

3. Lack of video stories

Video stories are memorable and can help your audience remember your videos. Forgetting them is a big mistake that can make your content less memorable.

You can completely immerse yourself in the story video. Dove s stories are a great example of this, where the brand interviews women about how beauty stereotypes affect women on a daily basis. They tell their stories of using Dove products.

You can also go the other way. Brands often use short stories in educational or how-to content to grab viewers attention and identify pain points.

4. Lack of explanation to users why they should watch YouTube videos

You only have a few seconds to truly grab the user s attention. Therefore, the first thing to do is explain what value your video offers and why your users should watch it.

As viewers, we always think, “What is this for us?” Unless we are looking for a way to distract ourselves from work, we want to make sure that we are watching exactly the content that we think is important. This will help with a detailed introduction telling users exactly what they are going to see in the video and why it is valuable.

5. Improper optimization of YouTube videos for search

Want more people to watch your videos? Then you need your content to lead the search. This won t happen until you start to properly optimize your videos for the YouTube search engine.

To optimize your video for search, do the following:

  • Include a keyword in the title of your video.
  • Use at least one keyword in your description. If possible, include several variations of the keyword you are targeting, such as “how to clean a pot” and “tips for cleaning a pot.”
  • Add relevant tags to your video to make YouTube more likely to show it to the right people.
  • Classify your videos correctly.
  • Consider adding an SRT file to your video; this will create closed captions that will improve visibility, but also make the entire transcript of your video script readable by YouTube search engines.

6. Lack of clear images

Your video should look high quality and visually interesting. This will help using video editing software. Even simple text screens can take your videos to the next level. This also applies to tutorials, where you can add text cues to show you what steps the viewer should take next.

7. Unsorted video content to YouTube playlists

When someone comes to your channel, you need to make it look neat. So potential viewers will be able to notice the most interesting or valuable content for them and do it quickly. Forgetting to put videos in separate playlists is a huge mistake.

YouTube playlists not only give your channel a more organized look, but also allow you to increase the number of videos a viewer watches from your channel in one go. This autoplay feature is especially effective as it moves users to the next video in your playlist.

8. Lack of YouTube Marketing Strategy

Any promotion should have a strategy and it will help you attract your audience. So if you want to get real results, you need to think about what content will prepare your audience to sell while building trust.

YouTube marketing is the driving force behind a brand, but only if you use it correctly. If you want to build brand awareness, connect with your audience, prove that you are a thought leader and drive leads and conversions, you need to focus on creating reliable, well-organized, and engaging content.

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