6 ways to make your Instagram ads more effective

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The popularity of social networks is difficult to overestimate: in 2010 they were used by less than 1 billion people, in 2019 – more than 2.7 billion, and in 2021 the figure promises to exceed 3 billion. One of the fastest growing platforms is Instagram: the monthly audience is 1 billion people! Imagine the opportunities this opens up for marketers, especially now, with the massive shift of people online due to quarantine. How do you capture and retain the attention of your Instagram audience?

Insta Ads: Top 6 Ways to Improve Performance

Define “your” buyer

An advertising campaign should be started with an analysis of the target audience: speak, write, show in a language understandable to the consumer. Work out your targeting parameters:

  • Demographic data. Age plays a special role, as Instagram is predominantly a youth platform. According to Statista for October, 33% of Insta users are 25-34 years old, 32% are 18-24 years old. If your ad is for a more “adult” generation, you can count on the response of people 35-44 years old.
  • Location. If you work within the city, focus on local values, when entering the global market – on the preferences of foreigners.
  • By interests and behavior. Consider the topic of profile groups, accounts to which the target audience is subscribed, as well as the actions it performs in social networks.
  • According to individual characteristics. Work with existing customers by sending advertisements in private messages or email.

Choose an ad format

  • Stories. Through the efforts of 500 million people, he publishes 1 billion stories every day! More than 60% of users claim to remember a brand or product after seeing it in their stories. Such narrative advertising, dominating on the screen, allows you to capture 100% of the attention. An example of increasing awareness on Instagram Stories Ads is the ASOS online clothing and cosmetics store.
  • Photo ads. The first format introduced into the insta world. Square and rectangular photos are at the top of the feed – this is a way to quickly attract leads. The main thing is to choose a high-quality thematic image and supplement it with information about the product, competition, discount, promotion, and a link to the site. Photo ads are great for local small businesses.
  • Video ads. Their popularity is evidenced by the demand for videos on Stories and IGTV. The mobile video format is projected to take over 80% of mobile data traffic in 2021. This versatile ad type is suitable for serving standard Shopping ads as well as promoting brands, publishing tutorials, walkthroughs, and more. The basic rule is to interest in the first 3 seconds.
  • Carousel. Can contain up to 10 images or videos. Impress the viewer, increase conversion rates, and increase engagement in assortment or brand awareness.
  • Collections. Most consumers prefer to shop on social media without going to landing pages. Advertising in the collection – a selection of photos / videos calling to “buy now”. Such ads help promote new products, find a powerful response from a loyal target audience.

Consider text content

Instagram is a visual space, but don t forget about text. Use copywriting techniques to create catchy signatures: catchy lines are the first two (for the mobile version) and three (for the computer version), so try to fit the essence of the sentence in them. SMM experts claim that you can shorten any text by 35% while preserving the meaning, removing verbal rubbish, clericalism, stamps, verbal expressions and long phrases. The optimal post size is 200 characters.

4 examples of how to write an ad post that will be read:

  • debunk myths about a brand or product in terms of real facts;
  • objectively compare your product or service with similar competitive offers;
  • tell a story from the life of a company that emphasizes professionalism: about the positive experience of cooperation with a large brand, a new development, receiving a prestigious award;
  • make a fame bias: demonstrate which of the successful people use your products and why.

Design promotions and discounts

You can share discount coupons in the following ways:

  • Giveaway The fashion brand ClothingRIC launched a Mother s Day coupon code campaign that attracted the attention of families with children. Organize sweepstakes for the holidays or the opening of a new season, varying the amount of discount on goods or shipping.
  • Present advertisements in realistic GIF format. According to statistics, moving graphics attracts 2 times more viewers than a static image, as it grabs attention faster.
  • Shoot a creative video about the upcoming promo: describe the conditions for obtaining a discount in an accessible and interesting form, show the product covered by the promotional offer. This will encourage new subscribers to try your product and encourage old ones to come back to you.
  • Combine discount and urgency. Promote your product at a discounted price for a limited time. Care supplier The Inkey List managed to increase sales by creating an “urgent” 15% discount.
  • Form a bond between the brand and customers by offering to register on the site or in the application by email to receive a promo code. Apply the QR code option for instant discounts.

Sell ​​solutions

According to eMarketer forecasts, in 2021, Insta users will spend an average of 28 minutes a day on the platform. It is logical that this time is allotted for a quick look at the tape and reading those materials that have managed to catch the eye. Therefore, your task is to stand out among the numerous advertising posts by offering a profitable or even free solution to the buyer s problems right now. Do not impose the product, describe the benefits that it will provide. For example, application integrator Zapier made it easier to promote a complex technology service by showing its value without a call to action.

Use authority

Are there well-known personalities or brands with a worldwide reputation among your customers? Demonstrate professionalism through testimonials and testimonials, back up your ad with a link to an article that mentions your product, or statistics that tell you about its benefits. An advertisement for the Calm meditation and sleep enhancer app on the Instagram profile posted praise from giant brands such as Apple and Humane Tech, proving its product to be 100% effective.

So, by acting in stages, you will achieve professionalization of your account, increase sales of even those products that were not previously in demand, and create a reputation as a reliable seller both in the Insta space and beyond.

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