5 Ways to Communicate Your Product on the Landing Page

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The Landing Page format is used in marketing to sell one specific product. The person goes to the site and receives all the necessary information. But sometimes this tool does not provide a complete picture. The product is either not fully disclosed, or the site needs to be studied for a long time. But there are ways to present your offer in a short and understandable way so that the user does not have to scroll through the landing page for a long time. And since he most likely will not do this, but will simply leave so as not to lose the client, pay attention to our tips below.


The video format can replace all other blocks as a whole. Just post a video on the first screen where you will tell and show your product in detail. Since now the audience is more comfortable consuming video content, this approach should work better than the standard landing page format.

Also, video conveys more information in a short period of time, compared to text. The main thing is not to drag out the story, but to make the video dynamic. Tell us about your product the most important thing that interests the consumer. The average format of such a video is 1-1.5 minutes. Fewer people will search for a longer duration to the end.


This approach helps to increase the width of the “About product” block. Simply, instead of the standard text about your proposal, you place a slider with a mini-presentation of your product. There may be slides that address the main quality of the proposal or reveal it in general.

If there should be a minimum of text in the presentation for the speech, then it will be appropriate to place it in large quantities here. But this does not mean that instead of one block of text, you can now place five. The slider should be attractively designed, have images or other graphic elements that will help to better reveal the company s product.

In our other article, we wrote about six templates for blog articles.


Users respond to stories more engagingly. This is due to the clear structure of the narrative: the hero had a problem, he somehow found out about a company or a product, made an order and solved his pain. We love stories, so storytelling is quite effective when done right.

There may be different approaches depending on the area. Somewhere a story from a leader about how he created a brand and what values ​​he wants to bring to the world through it will fit. In another case, a story from a client who shares his personal experience with the company will work better. That in the first, that in the second case, the product itself is not the central link in the story, but it must be present in it and show its value. The storytelling format is selected based on the needs and motivation of the target audience. Therefore, tests are indispensable here.

Block of value or advantage

We often see such a section on the Landing Page and it s not just that. It works great, both by itself, and as a reinforcing element of the site. The main thing is to note the values ​​or benefits that are important to the audience. To do this, you need to know the consumer s need and show how your product satisfies it. If you mark in this section not what a person needs, he will see that you do not understand your client and will leave to look for a product elsewhere.

Before after

Another way to tell about your product better than text is before / after examples. In this case, you show how it was before the purchase of your product or service and how everything has improved after. It works better than any laudatory description of your own proposal. Illustrative examples are always more perceived by consumers.


You can not only write about a product on the Landing Page. There are many formats for its disclosure. The main thing to remember is that the faster and more clearly you convey to the user the full value of your offer, the more likely it is that he will not leave you without a purchase.

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