5 tips for building successful relationships with Instagram bloggers

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Many companies try to work with bloggers, but not all of them end well. Influencers need to be interested and stimulated to talk about your product or brand. Paying for advertising doesn t always solve the issue. The following tips will help you shape your influencer marketing strategy, whether you want to work with popular influencers or trendy nanoinfluencers.

Take a personalized approach

Who likes it when a stranger approaches him and immediately tries to sell something?

Apart from irritation, this does not cause anything. It s the same with bloggers: we are very busy and we don t have time to hear about irrelevant products. Most likely, we will only work on what interests us or our subscribers. Keep this in mind when deciding what to offer your blogger. Needless to say, the more personalized your reach, the better your chances of success.

Before starting cooperation with a blogger, study his posts, presentation style, audience. This will save you time, money and effort.

Show the blogger your social media

Brand social media will allow the blogger to get to know you and your product better. As soon as you get to know a blogger and he recognizes your company, thanks to social networks, he will already have an idea of ​​what your audience will want to see. He will see in advance what style of presentation of information will be preferable.

But more importantly, you will not be another random person who tries to “connect” with an influential person in social networks – believe me, a large blogger receives many requests and he will definitely select the highest quality and interesting ones. Most importantly, you show that you respect the blogger s precious time by showing interest in him as a person, respect his opinion, and this is a valuable asset for collaboration.

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Offer to try your product for free – make a gift

So that the blogger can talk about your product with dignity and in detail, give him the opportunity to try using it – let it be a pleasant and useful gift. In this case, he will be able to assess its pros and cons and form his own idea of ​​it – this will undoubtedly inspire more confidence in the audience.

With this approach (assuming your product is really high quality), you will get real quality feedback from an influential person. This is the best advertisement among his audience.

Keep track of your gift

When you shop online, can the company send an abandoned cart notification to your email? Or “redirect” you to banner ads that reflect your previous browsing on their website? When we say “take care of your gift,” we are talking about a specific influencer equivalent.

Depending on the area of ​​his influence, the blogger receives many free gifts. You need to make sure your gift is one that he opens, uses, and works with.

Offering help with a product is a great way to make sure the product is being used. Make a good impression on the blogger and they are more likely to work with you.

Offer a long term relationship

If you really want to show influencers how important their contributions are to your company, offer them long-term engagement with your brand. There are different ways to do this.

If you submit beta software for testing to an influencer and then ask for feedback, you get an idea of ​​what they think before the product even gets published. The influencer feels that he is interested in how the product will end up and this gives him more motivation to promote it.

Another way is to bring in a blogger as a brand ambassador where you could work together for a year with multiple contract activations. There are of course several other options, and before jumping into any of them, you need to make sure that the influencer represents your brand image well.

Once you ve hired your influencer, take care of him. If you work with a large number of influencers, you must have a formal program that gives them special access to feedback. In other words, influencers shouldn t keep their ideas in the same basket as everyone else s.

Also, promote your influencer, for example, by advertising what they have to say about your product. Treat him well and he will treat you well in a mutually beneficial relationship.

Best of all, long-term relationships often mean influencers keep talking about your products long after the initial marketing campaign is over.

Remember, influencers are people just like you and me.

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