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Direct advertising is not always appropriate and effective, and in some cases, on the contrary, it can lead to loss of reputation or irritation of the audience. Wikipedia explains it as “a way for an advertiser to attract attention in the context of a site or publication.” In the article, we will touch upon this topic a little more broadly, namely, how to organically fit into the already existing environment in the media.

Comments on competitors social networks

Some may call it guerrilla marketing, but regardless of the terminology, this approach will help the brand increase awareness and even attract a new audience. It is clearly not worth arranging constant “raids” on the public pages of competitors and writing under each post, because sooner or later you will be banned. But you can monitor the communities of your colleagues and appear at the right moment. The main thing is not to behave aggressively. Joke under the publications of competitors, answer the questions of their users, if the owners of the group do not answer them for a long time.

You can go further and use services to search for posts in social networks, where they contact your colleagues and check in the comments there. Such periodic exposure of the audience of competitors will help your company to be perceived as a possible analogue of such services. It all depends on how you behave and what you broadcast.

Special projects

This is the standard for native advertising. Most often, this is done with the media and media. The brand advertiser, together with the platform, creates content or activity that is interesting to the target audience. This could be a series of articles, a special section, a giveaway, and so on. Such partnerships allow the advertiser to safely place their logo and direct links to their resources.

In addition to simply focusing on the right audience, the company also gets an emotional connection. If the material is useful, the reader will perceive the brand with gratitude, if we are talking about charity, the person will treat the brand with respect, and so on. This allows you not only to inform people about such and such a brand, but also to create an emotion with which it will be associated.

Working with bloggers

The format of native advertising that you need to be careful with. It works well if the blogger doesn t go too far in praising your brand or, on the contrary, just doesn t paste the copied text with all the annotations of the advertiser. Here, advertising should organically fit into the blogger s lifestyle and content strategy. If both parameters are met, the audience will not be outraged even if they understand about ad integration. Therefore, carefully consider the selection of a blogger.
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If you make an infographic on a highly relevant topic or touch on the pain of a consumer, then it can independently spread across the network with little or no intervention. Here the chosen topic and the quality of the infographic implementation are decided. To make it recognizable, make it using corporate colors and identity. Then your visual style will be read even if there is no logo. High-quality works of such a plan can spread across the media and specialized communities, so take the time to do it well, otherwise the infographics will not work at all.

Entertainment content

Users share memes and humor even more willingly. This format borders on viral content, but since its distribution puts you in someone else s existing environment, we decided that it would be appropriate to recall this method within the framework of the article. It s about actual humor that pushes the audience to spread it.

A striking example is the publication of the srsly.ru portal with invented perfume smells. Since the context of the smells was familiar to the target audience of the project, the post got a viral effect and not only spread on the social network of users, but received imitators and was mentioned in the media. The post worked well for the portal s PR, but a perfume manufacturer could have done the same. It is difficult to predict this effect of content, but the better you know your target audience, the more chances that such activity will work.


The main advantage of native advertising is its unobtrusiveness. The audience is accustomed to skipping commercials on YouTube, not paying attention to advertising banners on websites, and generally avoiding content marked “advertising” in every possible way. The native format also allows you to grab some of his attention in the form of value for the consumer, so as not to aggressively introduce him to your brand.

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