5 effective but not popular marketing tools

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Modern marketing has a lot of tools that are replenished and modified with enviable regularity. But the majority use more familiar or popular methods of promotion, such as targeted or contextual advertising, placement with bloggers, and so on. All of these are effective tools, of course, but they can be supplemented to strengthen the overall marketing strategy. What exactly we will tell you in this article.

Affiliate Marketing

Often this tool is used on a leftover basis, without giving it enough time. Some actually have it for show, without benefit for both partners and customers.

The essence of affiliate marketing is to find a company with your target audience and invite them to promote your product to their customers. You can come up with different conditions for cooperation, but most often the partner is offered a percentage for attracting each new person. You can cooperate with indirect competitors or brands in general from another area, but with a similar target audience. Also, not another business can act as a partner, but the client himself, who will attract his environment. Here the consumer can be motivated by discounts on future purchases or gifts.


There are both local aggregators (Yandex.Market, OZON) and global (ebay, amazon). You can even find city playgrounds. Aggregators are an online store where you can come as a seller and create a personal account to sell your products. The login requirements for all platforms are different, but meeting them is often worth it.

You come to a “warmed up” site, where there is traffic to which you can sell something. You do not need to necessarily spend money on promotion in the aggregator, but simply increase your internal rating so that your profile develops organically. In some niches, working with such platforms brings the main income, since the product can be sold to other countries, where its cost is several times higher.

We recently wrote about how and how social networks increase e-commerce sales.


With the development of social networks, most people have forgotten about them. Previously, the main life of the Runet fell on just such sites, but now the general public is familiar with only a couple of places like Pikabu.

However, in some niches, forums are still quite active today. For example, in the field of construction or medicine on such platforms, some topics have been discussed and supplemented over the years. Moreover, most often the main activity on it is supported by the users themselves, and not by the site administration. Search for similar resources on your topic. Suddenly, part of your audience is still sitting on the forums.

Geo targeting

Most often, targeted advertising is set up by interests, competitors, or a parsed audience. If geotargeting is used, it is almost the last thing, which is in vain. This setting is not suitable for large-scale advertising campaigns, but for local promotion in a city or even a district, it will be extremely effective. Location Snapshot is useful when the main target audience is residents of nearby houses. Geo-targeting can also help attract a wealthy audience if you put a mark in a neighborhood with high-value real estate. And these are just a couple of options for how you can use this tool.

Useful e-mail newsletter

Many people build an e-mail base to send out promotional materials and company news. But a much higher percentage of opening letters in useful mailing lists. They are, of course, more labor-intensive and require different costs, but they are much more effective.

Some people generally think that email marketing is dead. Only they use it incorrectly, sending spam and hoping for high performance. Run the newsletter as your mini-media. Share, entertain, and create engaging content that can include your own ad unit. In this case, the newsletter will become an effective marketing tool.


Some niches have their own unique tools and platforms that can be used to promote a company. Dive deeper into this question, follow the development of technology and check out some of the old promotion formats. Perhaps in them you will just find the option you need.

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