5 best ways to create educational content

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According to Digital Research from We Are Social and Hootsuite, a modern person spends an average of 6 hours 42 minutes on the Internet. in a day. Digital technologies have penetrated all spheres of life: people not only work, communicate and play online, but also gain useful knowledge and skills. So how do you create decent educational content that is read, watched and quoted?

Ways to create content for the educational niche

YouTube Tutorial Videos

Given YouTube s reach, which is 2 billion monthly users according to Statista, it s no surprise that it is extremely popular with internet marketers. Thus, 8 out of 10 experts consider the platform to be the most effective for implementing a video marketing strategy.

More than 85% of US residents admit that they use video hosting to find and study new information, in 70% of cases – to solve problems related to work, study or hobby. Imagine how many people will know about your brand if you post a video on YouTube!

What tutorial videos really work:

  • Simple – about complex… Film a course of lectures adapted to your target audience. Thus, the 1.2 million QWERTY channel relies on children and adults who are fond of exact science, the online academy “Arzamas” (1.1 million) – on the humanities, CrashCourse (11.6 million) – lovers of philosophy, history and literature , Alphonso Dunn (680 thousand) – for emerging artists.
  • Practical advice… Keep content simple but informative: you don t need high technology to demonstrate how to accomplish something – desire, humor, and sincerity are enough. According to this principle, Martha Stewart (600+ thousand subscribers) shoots a video on his blog – her video on how to fold a sheet has gained over 3 million views!
  • Training in 5-10 minutes… Prefer short, fast-motion movies. The creation of dynamic content will be inspired by the blog Tasty, a favorite of 20 million YouTube users, where videos up to 10-12 minutes are posted. For example, how to make a cake with 20, 10 and 2 ingredients has been viewed about 2.3 million times!
  • Product use methods… Demonstrate to customers who have already bought a product, and to those who have not yet decided, the principle of its use in everyday life. For example, auto parts seller CJ Pony Parts (about 200 thousand followers) teaches viewers, including beginners, how to install a cold air intake kit in a Mustang (about 100 thousand views).
  • Software manual… The main thing here is to briefly and clearly show which tools are needed to complete a specific task. Adobe did it great (almost 1 million followers) – he used enlarged animation of interface elements to explain to viewers the algorithm for creating a GIF in Photoshop in one minute (3.5+ million views).

Newsletter email

An interesting way to “deliver” educational content is by sending out emails. An email with online course material has the effect of a lead magnet – most recipients will want to go to your site and continue their training. In addition, email newsletters (81%) are among the top three powerful B2B marketing tools behind social media posts (95%) and blog articles (89%), according to the 2020 B2B content marketing report.

Tips for creating an “educational” mailing list:

  • Say hello. About 75% of users who subscribe to your newsletter expect to receive a welcome email. According to statistics, this increases the likelihood of further cooperation by 33%.
  • Get interested. A short and concise headline is critical: it determines whether the subscriber finds your subject line readable.
  • Call to action. Increase audience engagement by letting your customers know what you expect from them and inviting them to “learn more” about you.
  • Demonstrate value. Provide access to exclusive web-based training materials, free e-books, and a premium trial account of an educational resource.

Live video tutorials

Conferencing tools or Facebook s Live feature can help you achieve this goal. This will provide dynamic communication in real time: subscribers will ask you questions and receive more detailed answers than in the format of posts, and will see in practice how to accomplish certain tasks. This will help you build a loyal and trusting relationship with your company.

In addition, you can increase engagement by posting a live video session on your personal page, in thematic groups of social networks and sending an email to clients who are interested in the topic under discussion.

Educational articles

Text content in the format of articles has not lost its popularity over the years. The advantage of longreads posted on the blog is a sufficient amount of relevant and informative information, when it is problematic to reveal a topic of 1000-5000 characters. According to statistics, texts of 3000 words receive 3 times more traffic.

Another indisputable plus is the ability to promote by key phrases. By writing optimized articles in advance and scheduling them to be published on specific dates, you can significantly increase the number of clicks on search queries.

Personalized content

When you receive a subscriber s email, you can not only send them relevant content, but also provide personalized messaging by mail or site content. Add intelligent content based on specific visitor criteria, as HubSpot did. Customize the display by country, device type, preferred language, referral source, and more. Nearly 95% of marketers see this personalized approach as the key to their success.

The combination of all methods within the framework of a content strategy aimed at promoting educational content is the way to create the “correct” image of your educational institution or online resource and strengthen the position of business in the education market.

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