4 Tips for Businesses Using Instagram Live Video

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Recording live video for Instagram is both scary and exciting at the same time – when you are streaming live, you cannot edit, modify, cut scenes. You relive all the moments of the video together with your audience. How can you use such broadcasts for your business? We decided to share a few ideas with you.

Focus on extreme

This concept is called Extremes and Mainstreams. If you find out what the most extreme of your audience likes, you will find what works for the majority.

There are different ways to understand this. For example, your most loyal customers may be looking for a type of content that is different from what users who see your content are looking for for the first time. The former may be looking for some unusual and advanced ways to use the product, while the latter may want to learn basic information about it. If you can make your video interesting for both, chances are, the majority of your audience will enjoy it as well.

When a close friend or regular customer shows up as a viewer of your Instagram Live stream, ask them a question confirming your acquaintance, or simply say hello. It makes the person feel special and lets everyone else know that you are a real person with real friends and clients that you care about. In this context, you can remember your product and ask a friend if they enjoy using it.

You need to attract new clients. Therefore, it s important to pay attention to followers you don t know who appear on your Instagram Live video. Try to engage them in conversation. If you sell jewelry, you can greet new people with the words: “Hi, Yana, Alena, Olga! Welcome! What are your favorite gems? I ll show you what we can offer with them. “

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Promote Your Instagram Live Video Before Broadcast

This is a tip for using live video on any platform. Live video isn t just another form of content. Rather, it is an event and needs to be promoted accordingly.

The reason this is more important to Instagram Live than any other platform is because of the ephemeral nature of this video. One of the differences between Instagram Live and Facebook Live is that Instagram Live videos disappear after your broadcast ends, Facebook Live videos are saved on your page. If you are not promoting a video on Facebook Live, then it s okay, you can promote it after the fact. With Instagram Live, your followers have one chance to join, so promotion is paramount.

Publish a message about your broadcast and when you plan to start it 1-2 days in advance. Your regular customers will add this to their calendar. Write about it on your social media profiles on other platforms and link to your Instagram profile URL. If you work with other companies or individuals, ask them to post information about your upcoming live broadcast on their profiles and tag your username in the photo.

Grant access to anything in advance with a coupon

Reward viewers so they know that every time you make a live video, it deserves their attention. For example, give them early access to a discounted purchase. Or tell us about something before it appears on your site. Give free advice that they would otherwise have to pay for. This type of reward encourages users to watch your future videos. Everything you do should benefit those who interact with you.

Treat live streaming like your first important meeting

Instagram Live video can be a great vehicle for engaging people on a deeper level than a static comment on a post. When people interact with you live, they are not as distant from you as through your static content, they have the ability to ask you questions in real time. When people are involved, they need more attention.

If you work in a service industry, you and your employees are your business. People need to meet with you, trust you, and know they can work with you before hiring your company to provide services.

Often, designers, developers, photographers, and many others hold introductory meetings with their potential clients to build personal relationships. Video on Instagram Live allows more people to interact with you almost face-to-face (rather than through a website or directory) and acts like an acquaintance. You build trust with more people at the same time, and more people can feel comfortable using your services.

Live video is the most personal type of social media content. People don t just see what you create, they see you or your hands working on something. This is a completely different sense of reality.

Have you already started using Instagram Live for your business? Share your experience with us! Comment and tell us what worked for you.

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