4 principles of Michael Jackson’s dresser that are great for content marketing

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There is a book “The King of Style” by Michael Jackson costume designer Michael Bush, which describes his working relationship with the singer, life stories and memories of the king of pop.

Also in it, Michael Bush shared his principles for creating each new star costume. The beauty of these principles is that they are perfect for competent content marketing in social networks and not only. There are four rules in total:

Fit (fit, fit)

When designing a costume for a star like Michael Jackson, it s important that it fits perfectly. Therefore, each image was developed from scratch and tailored completely to the singer. The nuances of the choreography and elements of the show were also taken into account so that the clothes did not restrict movement and did not tear in the midst of the show.

The same is true for content creation. The relevance of a particular material for the chosen site, the presentation format, the style of the storytelling and the chosen topic are important. Whether it s a blog article, a post, or a column in the media, they need to be relevant in the context of the platform and arouse the interest of users. If you write the text for the sake of the text, without thinking about who you will show it to and where you will place it, then you should not expect efficiency from such work.

Think about your content strategy and look for your own unique approach. For example, we ve already written about how to choose the right concept for your Instagram account.

The costume is created not only for beauty, but also for a comfortable and effective performance on stage. If you watch Michael Jackson s show, you can note the level of work not only on his personal images. The clothes of the dancers and extras were also attractive and allowed them to perform fully. Each suit has been designed for its intended purpose.

In the case of content, the approach is similar. We set the goals that we want to achieve with the help of it, and only then we begin to create. It often happens the other way around – an article or a post is created, and only then an adaptation is invented for at least some purpose. Even more often you can find when there is no task at all for the materials. Agree, it would be foolish to sew a jacket that, as a result, will not suit anyone. It s the same with content – you don t need to create it for the quantity and closed cell in the content plan. Decide what function this or that material should perform in order not to do empty work.

The images of a star should surprise the audience and cause delight. Therefore, many of Jackson s costumes are so recognizable and now cost a fortune. It is important to evoke an emotion that will be fixed in a person s memory and will be associated with a singer, actor or brand.

This principle also applies to content marketing. Therefore, the audience is so fond of storytelling, viral or provocative works. Even sad stories can sell because they involve emotions. The more we caught the consumer s interest or raised his mood with our advertising, the more it is remembered. Such materials do not pass by as information noise. They force you to focus on the product and become more familiar with it.

In the book, Michael Bush wrote that he tried to make each new image of the king of pop go beyond the existing one as far as possible. It was important for the entire dresser team to create a wow effect and show the world a new look at familiar things. They weren t afraid to experiment and try things that no one else had done.

In content marketing, innovation works just as well. Every year we meet new cases that surprise with their approach. Either the whole world follows the egg s Instagram account, then virtual bloggers appear, then the stars wear non-existent clothes. Most promotional work gets popular and receives awards for doing something new or experimental. So don t be afraid to play with the formats and style of your content. Only such a search will help determine the best solutions for yourself.

As it turns out, the principles of creating something follow the same principle. The main thing is to look at familiar tools from a different angle and look for new ways to use them. Then you will be able to stand out against the background of competitors and be remembered by your audience.

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