20 Free Twitter Features for Small Businesses

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More than 80% of small and medium business owners use Twitter to improve their customer service. The dynamic nature of the social network makes it an ideal platform for interaction with consumers in a Q&A format, and additional online tools increase the level of engagement. We offer free services and applications to develop your profile and turn potential customers into real ones.

Twitter for Small Business: 20 Tools Available


Highly specialized service TweetDeck designed to manage Twitter accounts through a multi-column interface. It allows you to track the chronology of events, mentions, hashtags, tweets in real time, as well as leave reactions, add, remove and block users, share blog entries and much more.


Twitonomy is a mobile and web-based analytics application. If you want to receive detailed visual information on tweets, retweets, replies, hashtags and mentions on a regular basis, this tool is for you. Its other features include: backup and export of data to Excel and PDF, track favorite profile entries, download tweets, monitor subscriber activity reports, add / remove users.


ContentCal is a visual scheduling and posting tool. Simplifies remote team work on content: now you can jointly create publications, organize brainstorming sessions, generate interesting ideas, and quickly coordinate content with management and colleagues. It is convenient to reply to tweets and messages on Twitter and to comments on Facebook with ContentCal.


Followerwonk is an analytical tool that tracks the actions of subscribers. In the list of functions: global profile search, comparison of accounts, analysis of subscribers by psychographic segments, sorting by activity. Compare your actions with the increase and decrease in the number of followers.


Trends24 is designed to monitor social network trends around the world. Follow the latest and hot topics, popular hashtags both locally and globally by assessing the timeline over the past 24 hours. Found interesting ideas? Use them to boost subscriber engagement.


SocialRank positions itself as a service for serving businesses of all sizes. It is useful for sorting subscribers based on the recent engagement data of each profile, assessing conversion rates, and filtering brand audiences by characteristics. If used correctly, it can become your # 1 assistant in managing your target audience on Twitter and Instagram.


Commun.it is indispensable for an entrepreneur interested in promoting a business online. Allows you to track mentions, monitor activity, analyze competitors, share content and publish posts at the right time. Snooze Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn posts during rush hour when engagement is at its peak.


Be on trend with Mention! It “knows” how to scan billions of Internet sources (forums, social networks, news portals, blogs) according to your keywords so that you have a clear understanding of industry trends. It is easier to prepare content and maintain communication with the audience on different channels from one platform.

Warble Alerts

Warble Alerts is one of the most user-friendly tools out there. And because you practically do not need to do anything: tracking, analysis and sending reports on important events on Twitter happens automatically by email. Even if you are busy with work and cannot spend a lot of time on social networks, Warble will make sure you stay up to date with the news – you just need to set up individual daily alerts.


Mentionmapp invites you to explore Twitter: find new followers, watch and participate in current discussions, assess the scale of user interaction using a “map” in real time. Maps showcase the last 200 tweets related to profile mentions or specific hashtags.

Daily 140

Daily 140 makes it easy to research users social activity. It is enough to enter the Twitter identifiers that you want to “follow” – and the system will automatically send you a summary digest of interesting events per day by e-mail. You don t have to spend all day online to keep track of your favorite profiles.


Tweet4me – for automatically posting tweets. A tweet can be postponed for a few minutes or hours, or “tied” to a specific time or date – for this you need to send a Direct Message in the format specified on the website. The system will automatically schedule the tweet, publish it and notify you when the task is completed.


BuzzSumo provides data on popular content that has received the most likes and shares on Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Reddit. Searches are performed based on a keyword or domain. Understanding industry trends will help you generate ideas as you create content plans for social media platforms.


Twubs is another scheduler, this time for Twitter chats. In instant chat, it is more convenient to follow the progress of the conversation, since messages quickly appear in the feed and the interlocutors do not have to wait. Chats scheduled through the service can be found by users in the calendar – active chats are displayed in the first rows. You don’t need to make an effort to increase traffic and engage a “live” audience in the conversation.


Buffer is a platform for scheduling, publishing and analyzing content on social media. Create drafts with it, queue interesting content, evaluate account performance indicators, and use them to increase audience reach. Manage Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest content in one place.


Pablo is a tool from Buffer focused on creating engaging photo content for posts. The site contains 50,000+ images and 25+ stylish fonts. It s easy to search and edit your photos by choosing the size and effects. You can upload your own image and style it to your liking, and then share it on social networks or download it to your device.


Periscope is designed to broadcast live video. Your appearance on the air will not go unnoticed – by posting a link on Twitter, you invite subscribers to join the broadcast or leave a reaction. On the site, you can find out what is being watched in the world right now, using the search or thematic recommendations on hashtags.


If you are interested in Trends24 s features, keep another source of ideas – Trendsmap. It shows the latest hashtags and topics by collecting and analyzing global data. The interactive map contains words “tied” to geographic points. To find out more information, click on a word and enlarge the area, or go directly to the available locations. A feature of the service is the availability of information for past periods.


Tweriod is an assistant in choosing the optimal time for a tweet: it analyzes the activity of followers based on the last 200 tweets and informs when it is appropriate to publish the content so that it will be viewed by the maximum number of users. The accuracy of the results is ensured by analyzing all subscribers (up to 5000), which is time-consuming.


SocialMention searches for user generated content, in particular, it tracks mentions of your brand or product by analyzing posts on Facebook, YouTube, FriendFeed, Google. Searching for a given topic shows lists of the best hashtags, top keywords, sources, active users.

Many of the programs described have free and premium versions with advanced features. We recommend that you give preference to those tools for developing a business Twitter account that match your promotion strategy.

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