13 Instagram Tricks & Tips You Probably Don’t Know About

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Want to master Instagram? Why not? Instagram is a powerful marketing tool. However, not everyone makes full use of it. Here are Instagram tips and tricks for your success.

1. Submit over 30 hashtags

Here s a tip from Instagram for those who like to add a lot of hashtags. Instagram currently has a small loophole allowing over 30 hashtags to be added. You will need to follow these steps to add up to 60 hashtags per post for even more information:

  • Post your photo or video as usual. Make sure there are no hashtags in the original signature, or this trick will not work.
  • Then copy and paste 30 hashtags into the comment for your photo or video.
  • Edit your photo caption and add up to 30 more hashtags.

2. Explore the hashtags for your posts

Hashtags like #business might match your post, but if you click on it, you ll see over 17 million photos. Your images will be lost in seconds. Instead, you should use popular but rarely used hashtags.

There is an easy way to find such hashtags. Enter a general concept – let s take the same # business as an example. Scroll down and you will find many more options.

3. Save hashtags for future reference.

Do you have the perfect photo or video to share on Instagram? After publishing it, you have very little time to publish your hashtags. So come up with them in advance! Create a note in a separate document and write options for future hashtags, sorting them by category.

4. Hide Instagram hashtags.

The hashtag list on every Instagram post looks like spam. It may even seem like you are hungry for attention. Here s a little trick you may not know. Hide these hashtags with periods “.” and spaces. To do this, they need to be saved in a notepad in this way:

5. Save drafts for future reference.

Let s go beyond hashtags and jump into some Instagram tips about your visual content. Did you know that you have the option to save messages as drafts? Yes! You can include images and captions in your drafts.

How to do it:

  • Tap the + icon at the bottom of the screen to take or upload a photo or video as usual;
  • Edit your photo, add a signature, location and more;
  • Tap the
  • Click the
  • A pop-up menu will appear asking if you want to keep the draft or discard it. Just click “Save Drafts”.

Important: your drafts may disappear when Instagram updates its app. Therefore, do not store too many drafts.

6. Follow the ad comments

Instagram ads are attractive. This is a great way to reach leads and drive traffic from Instagram. But it is very important to respond to user comments and questions. You can reply to comments using a special service, and some CRM systems also allow you to do this.

7. Record video hands-free

If you are alone and want to record a video yourself, click the “+” icon in the same way you would normally upload or record your Instagram story. Then click on the speakerphone. Recording will start. You can save the video or upload to your Instagram story.

8. Share photos from your camera roll to Stories

So you ve taken the perfect photos for your Instagram story. You only have 24 hours to post them. Don t worry if you can t post them all at once – take a screenshot of a few photos and post. The quality may not be perfect, but this is a great solution.

9. Mention other accounts in your story.

What we love about Instagram Stories is the ability to tag other accounts in Stories. Enter the username as in the signature. When mentioned correctly, it would look something like this:

Your followers will be able to see who you mention and go to that user s profile. When you mention someone in your Instagram Story, they also receive a notification about it.

10. Get more subscribers

You find an account similar to yours, with a similar audience, and write to them, asking if they are interested in exchanging mentions. If so, then you both mention each other in your captions and Instagram Stories. This method will help you get thousands of subscribers.

11. Get free analytics

If you want low-cost analytics, switch to a business profile. It has analytics to help you determine if your Instagram marketing is working. Go to your options and click on “Go to Business Profile” and connect it to your Facebook page.

12. Make captions more readable.

Text on Instagram is easier to read if it is structured and divided into paragraphs. To make the spacing between paragraphs, you need to include additional resources. For example, SMM managers very often use the Telegram bot @ text4instabot for such purposes.

13. Disable commenting.

Don t want people to comment on specific content? You can turn off comments. Just click on “…” like in the picture below and click on “disable commenting”.

Tell us what life hacks do you use on Instagram? Share in the comments to the article!

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