10 key Facebook performance indicators in 2021

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The amount of data you can get from Facebook about your post performance, audience, campaign tracking, and more is impressive. Despite the fact that many companies and brands are moving to other social media platforms, Facebook still dominates when it comes to social media marketing. According to statistics, there are currently 2.7 billion people using Facebook every day. An active Facebook presence helps you attract leads and grow your business.

1. Impressions

If you want to know how many times your posts have been viewed, keep an eye on the number of impressions. This is a metric that reflects the number of times your ad / message has appeared on the user s screen. You can find this indicator by following these steps:

  • Go to your Facebook business page
  • Find the Statistics button in the Page Management sidebar.
  • Open the “Publications” section located on the left side panel of your screen.
  • Go to the Reach: Organic / Paid section and switch to Impressions: Organic / Paid.

Facebook impressions are divided into two types:

  • Organic – Shows how many times your posts were displayed for free in people s news feed.
  • Paid – shows how many times people have seen your content if you paid to show it.

How to get the most out of your impressions? Always compare them with previous ones to determine the trend. You have to track them over a long period, such as a month or a quarter.

2. Coverage

Post reach is the total number of people who have seen your ad or content. Using this metric, you will see how your content resonates with your audience and can improve your marketing strategy based on the insights.

Where to find:

  • Go to your Facebook business page
  • Find the Statistics button in the Page Management sidebar.
  • Open the “Coverage” section located on the left side panel of the screen.

Like Facebook impressions, reach also falls into two main categories: organic and paid.

3. Video engagement

A picture is worth a thousand words, but video is much more important today. If you re using Facebook videos to promote your business, video engagement tracking is a must. When using Facebook Insights, you have two options: see the overall performance of yours, or view individual video metrics.

Overall video performance:

  • Go to the “Statistics” section of your business page
  • Click “Publications”
  • Then “Types of publications”. You will see a list with all posts (photo or video) and their average engagement.

You can see the most effective video posts for the selected time range:

  • Go to the “Statistics” section of your business page
  • Click “Video”
  • Select the required time range

Here you will see:

  • The total number of minutes your videos have played
  • The number of times your videos have played for at least three seconds.

Individual video metrics:

  • Go to the “Statistics” section of your business page
  • Click “Publications”
  • Scroll down to All Published Posts
  • Click on the post title of one of your videos.

According to research, if you are using video to promote your business, you should know that vertical videos outperform horizontal videos in terms of engagement.

4. Level of involvement

Facebook Engagement Rate is the percentage of people who have seen and interacted with your posts in one way or another: like, share, click, or comment on it.

To increase your engagement rate, try answering the following questions:

  • What are the current content trends? Do people like more photos or videos? Am I willing to try to interact with my fans in a way I haven t done before?
  • Do I have a solid social media marketing plan?
  • Do I have the resources to make all my plans come true? How am I going to do this?

Building an engaging Facebook account is one thing, and consistent engagement is a very different skill to learn. If you want to increase your engagement on Facebook, you should do the following:

  • Publish original content – focus on quality over quantity
  • Republish your popular posts – this will help you achieve the same reach and engagement as the original post, and sometimes even more
  • Encourage discussion – positive or negative opinions should be an opportunity for you to interact with your audience.

Another proven tactic is live streaming. Live streaming can double audience engagement.

We recently wrote about how to design photos for social networks.

5. Subscriber growth

A growing page means you attract more people who like your content. It is important not only to measure how many new subscribers you get, but also to know how many subscribers you have lost over a given period. There are several ways to attract new followers to your Facebook page.

  • Create more video content – try Facebook Live and upload videos directly to the page
  • Interact with the community – invite people who like your page, ask questions
  • Create viral content – run a prize draw, collaborate with bloggers.

6. Reactions on Facebook

If a posted photo or video has more likes than others, this post will be shown to more people. If you want to increase your Facebook reactions, here are some tips:

  • Catch your followers eyes! Social media is all about visuals, so take your time and create unique content.
  • Post at the right time – timing is everything, so make sure your followers are online when you post your content. Use an analytics tool for this.
  • Tell a story – people love stories, so share your brand story with your audience. You can even organize a “day behind the scenes” where you can post photos and videos with you and your team.

7. Facebook Comments

Reactions are good, but comments are better – one of the best ways to get your followers to comment on your posts is to ask them a question. If you want to increase the number of comments on Facebook, here are some tips:

  • Create Question Posts – invite your followers to share their latest articles, favorite social media features, social media strategies, or any work they want to share with the community. Also, ask them to share their thoughts and opinions on your product.
  • Create Facebook polls – ask your audience to help you choose something and let them choose from several options.

8. Reposts on Facebook

Thanks to reposts, the content reaches more people, moreover, it will be seen by a wider audience. If you want to increase the number of your Facebook shares, here are some tips:

  • Create more infographics. If you have an article with statistics / tips / tricks for social media and more, try creating an infographic that highlights useful information in this article.
  • Create video tutorials. Remember, people spend more time watching videos than reading articles. If you want to teach something, create a short and engaging video.

9. CTR

Click-through rate, also known as CTR, is important for tracking. Thanks to it, you will find out how many people who saw your content went to the site. To find out the CTR of a post: Divide the number of clicks by the reach and multiply by 100.

10. Subscriber demographics

Understanding where your audience came from allows you to shape the tone of communication and customize your content to meet the needs of your subscribers. You can do this by looking at subscriber demographics such as gender, location.

According to analysts, 10% of the total number of active Facebook users are young women between the ages of 18 and 24, and 16% are men of the same age group. Knowing this, you can create your Facebook strategy for engaging young people and creating content.

However, it s important to put your own demographics first. If your audience is over 25 or 30, create the bulk of your content for that age group.

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