Why social media is really useful for business

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Hootsuite recently partnered with the Altimeter Group to survey over 2,000 marketers and interviewed leading brands in their industry. The study discussed the feasibility of spending a business on social media. As a result, it turned out that only a quarter of organizations use social media for a wider range of tasks. Others see them exclusively as another channel for attracting customers.
Here are three key aspects that 25% of companies adhere to:

Social media isn t just about customer relationships

Businesses are used to using social media as an additional tool to attract and interact with customers. They sell products, answer consumer questions and even try to entertain so that people associate the brand with good emotions. But platforms are developing, increasing their functions and expanding their audience. At the same time, most entrepreneurs by inertia are still working to attract the target audience.

Social networks for business today are also about attracting partners or sponsors, and building an HR brand, looking at which people will want to go to work for you. Almost everything is available on social networks, therefore, the presence strategy should take into account the fact that future investors and employees can get to know you through them. Of those who tried a broader approach to SMM strategy, 70% were satisfied with the result. Even the creation of a general working chat in a messenger or a community with internal news for employees already has a positive effect on the company s performance. Such details influence the sense of cohesion and common purpose within the team.

Social media efficiency – not just for business

The survey showed that more than 70% of respondents were active on social media to improve the effectiveness of other channels and their presence in the media and businesses. All thanks to the ability to reach a specific audience in real time.

But the toolkit of such media helps not only in working with clients. As we wrote above, social networks are suitable for interacting with employees, as well as for information, social support and charity. This is especially felt now, when a pandemic is raging in the world. Almost all sites have implemented various tools in order for the user to quickly receive the most reliable information on the topic of coronavirus. By the way, in our other article we wrote about how to develop digital in New Normal. In some countries, social media is used to implement government programs to support citizens. This clearly shows that with the right approach to using social networks, they can solve different problems.

Social media is transforming business

This happens in different ways. One of the transformations is the ability to start a business without a website, presence on message boards and markets. To get started, an account on the social network is enough to already earn the first money. Another change in processes is building the entire business around a social media profile. Even the online store and other essential tools are used to support the main channel. You can argue with this strategy of work, since the page on the social network does not belong to the owner of the business, but such models of company promotion are quite common.

The next transformation concerns the involvement of management in working with social networks. We are talking about the personal blogs of the founders or top management, as well as the active presence of managers in the commercial communities of the company. All this increases people s confidence in the brand, as they see feedback from managers or learn internal news from the CEO s blog.

In a Hootsuite and Altimeter Group survey, 66% of those surveyed confirmed that social media has influenced business transformation.


Social networks are no longer just another sales channel. Now they can influence many aspects of the business and even serve as almost the basis for the entire brand. Look at your social media work and decide where the strategy can be expanded to add even more value to your company.

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