What processes can be automated for a business using chat bots

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Now in marketing there are a huge number of tools that are difficult to simply keep track of, not to mention their implementation in your business. And when the manager nevertheless decides to use a new service or method of promotion, his focus shifts from the old processes. This threatens their deterioration or the need to hire a new employee who will take on this load. But what if you do not want to lose efficiency, but the company does not have money for another salary? This is what chatbots are for. We will tell you more about them in this article.

What is a chatbot

We see that the name of the tool begins with the word “chat”, but this technology is not limited to communication only. It has various functions that are technically possible to perform in an algorithmic way.

The chatbot automates some of the routine processes that can be solved without human intervention. If there is a clear specific protocol for performing an action, the bot will handle it. If there is some uncontrollable component in the process, then this work is impossible without a person, at least locally.

What chat bots are there

This technology can be simple, which, for example, works through social networks or instant messengers, or complex, like Siri or other voice assistants. There are also trainable and non-trainable chatbots. Non-learners work according to a pre-prepared scenario and respond to keywords or specific answer options. Trainees ask leading questions, suggest the most appropriate proposal, and simulate a more lively dialogue thanks to AI. Different options will work depending on your goals and budgets. Here are the tasks for which a chatbot might be suitable:

Sales. The bot answers typical questions and offers a suitable option. Notifies about the status of the order and promotional offers.

Leads. Helps in collecting data from site users, may, in a certain context, offer to sign up for a test use of the product.

Transactions. Direct registration or return of goods, reservation, work with money.

Informing. This bot automatically informs about new offers or brand news.

Technical support. Answers questions about the operation and maintenance of the product.

Assistance. Such a helper bot integrates with other platforms and helps to use their routine processes. For example, a search for queries in a specific category of products, a collection of news on a specific topic, or the automatic setting of reminders.

How are they useful for business

Chatbots simplify various business processes without the use of workers. Since these are technologies, they even have advantages over human disability. More specifically, bots do the following:

Increase sales. The technology can offer the goods of interest to the consumer in time. And a bot with artificial intelligence consults people and remembers their tastes.

Reduce costs. Chatbots serve more people while costing less hired employees. An Acquire study found that bots now handle 80% of requests.

They work around the clock. The client s communication with the company is not interrupted for weekends and lunch.

Answer faster. People do not need to wait for a long time for an answer to typical questions.

More convenient for customers. Google research notes that nearly 70% of consumers are more likely to write to businesses than to call.

Automate processes. This allows you to remove part of the routine load from employees and give them more interesting tasks.


Any business can use a chatbot today. You can make your own simple bot on social networks that will respond to requests, or you can implement a complex assistant. There are options for any wallet and task. Therefore, if there is a possibility of automating processes, it is better to take care of this now.

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