What brand qualities are important to consumers in 2021

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Over the years, people increasingly want to see a brand as a manifestation of human qualities. This makes it easier for the audience to feel the company with any emotions. “Soulless” corporations for making money for the common consumer look less and less attractive.

In 2020, the trend towards “humanizing” the brand has only accelerated, as many buyers find themselves in an uncomfortable position and require increased attention. Here are the qualities a consumer wants to see in their favorite brand in 2021:


If earlier this applied only to people, now awareness is required from business as well. This has been especially acute in recent years. People demand from companies conscious consumption or production, tolerance and respect for the work of employees. And if earlier this was solved at the internal level and concerned only employees, now this is one of the aspects by which people choose this or that brand.

The target audience of any business is becoming more and more versatile and if one person does not care about the amount of the company s emissions during production, then the other will refuse the products produced at such a price. This is already being actively observed in the production of cosmetics and clothing. People are willing to boycott those brands that test funds on animals or exploit workers. The consumer is now important not only for the final product, but also for the entire process of its production.

Social mission

This can also be called the brand s worldview or the translation of certain meanings. People want to be involved in something large-scale or socially important, now brands can give it to them. More and more companies stop selling just a product, and begin to back it up with meanings. Whether it is a certain lifestyle, fighting for the environment or supporting minorities – all this gives the product additional value in the eyes of the buyer.

Unfortunately or fortunately, this can be traced in art as well. Advertising campaigns, TV shows, films and other creative manifestations affect social connotations. So this trend will be relevant for the next few years.

There are also clear signs that your brand is hopelessly outdated and in need of a rebranding. We wrote about these signs in another article.

Customer care

This issue became especially acute this year when people stayed at home. The greatest demand for their services was received by those companies that quickly adapted to new realities and showed concern for their clients. Many quickly got delivery, some companies cooperated and helped doctors, the elderly and the disabled. Delivery services have figured out how to transfer an order contactlessly.

Those who showed themselves in this way increased loyalty not only among existing customers, but also among a new audience. Some polls have shown that more than half of consumers will consider the care they show when choosing a brand. We think this is the quality by which companies will be judged for a long time to come.

Openness and honesty

We write about these qualities often, but they are actually some of the most important for today s consumer. In many niches, there are enough competitors that you can go to in case of deception by the company. In this regard, it is better not to come up with gray schemes in promotions, or even more so to deceive people in a direct way. In the era of the Internet, deception will not only be quickly revealed, but also spread throughout the network, due to which there will be no more trust in the brand.


We did not talk about product quality and customer focus, because these criteria should be the default in any brand. The time of faceless companies is coming to an end, the time has come for brands that will reflect the meanings and views of their consumer ..

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