What behind-the-scenes content your followers are interested in

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In recent years, real, honest publications have been increasingly in demand on social networks. This is about live content, not staged photos and videos, which have a lot of filters and processing. People are tired of the “artificiality” of such content and trust it less and less. Partly because of this naturalness, the story format has gained such popularity. In this article, we will tell you what kind of behind-the-scenes content your audience may be interested in in order to build a closer trusting relationship with it.


Work processes are most often shared only by independent specialists. These can be handmade, jewelry or sewing spheres. In general, where most of the work is done by one person. This is useful for building a personal brand and demonstrating the skill level of a master.

But larger companies can share the same content. For example, online shop floor tours can be provided by tech companies, printing houses, water companies, or cosmetics companies. You don t need to show the secret aspects of development, but you can show the big picture of how your product is manufactured. If you think that the audience will not be interested in it, then you are mistaken. Even Coca Cola once conducted offline excursions in its production facilities. This may not bring specific benefits to the consumer, but such a step will show your openness to people, and this will affect their loyalty to the brand.

And in general, this kind of content is interesting to people. Think of Discovery videos about creating some household items or DIY videos on YouTube. It s just interesting stuff that is popular on its own, without being tied to a brand.

Lifestyle of the company

This is the most obvious format used when showing the inner workings of a company. But there are a number of mistakes here that are still common today. For example, you do not need to congratulate each of your employees through a commercial profile, from a cleaning lady to an accountant. Yes, these are important team members, but such posts do not bring any benefit to subscribers. Also, as in most cases, there is no use in standard posts about employees or their opinions on any issue. An exception can be made only in cases where the company already has weight in the market (for example, the creative agency SETTERS in the field of marketing). The opinion of a copywriter of an unknown agency is not interesting to anyone, even if it is more correct than that of well-known colleagues.

Lifestyle content isn t that hard to create. You can simply celebrate interesting moments in the life of the company. It is not so interesting for people to observe each individual employee, but the events in the company as a whole will interest them. There can also be a non-standard approach here. For example, talk about a parrot or cat that lives in your office, or come up with a company of mascots to create your own story. Share wins and failures, rest and hard work. Stories like these allow you to get closer to your audience.

Development of a new project

Some companies launch new products or hire a client who does not ask for confidentiality during cooperation. Based on such stories, you can create a kind of reality show, where you tell about the stages of the project s development. You don t have to share all the ins and outs. Go through the key points of creation and tell your subscribers about it. In a similar way, some info-businessmen earned their popularity, who shared their history of formation in real time. Any new company undertaking can be used to create an interesting “TV series” for content on social networks.


These are directly preparatory processes and behind-the-scenes work. Subscribers can see the result of your work, but they are also interested in what came before. This particular format is more suitable for the service sector or creative professions. This differs from the usual work demonstration in that it allows a more relaxed approach. There you show the stages of development, assembly algorithms and adhere to the “watch how we create a product for you” approach. In the backstage, everything is possible without cuts and censorship.

For conservative companies that adhere to a certain status or image, this format can even hurt. But the time of brands with a serious face is gradually receding, so it s time to start moving away from the usual foundations and experiment.


Don t make content about a company just for the sake of a tick. Think about what will be interesting for people in your business and share it with the world. The main thing is that everything should be for real, and not look like a staged scene. For truth and honesty, users will pay back with trust and loyalty.

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