We manage brand reputation through sound: how apps like Clubhouse will help you in promotion

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Why is audio communication becoming more popular every day? This format is very convenient, especially for residents of big cities: you go on business, drive in a car or do monotonous work – and at the same time have an exciting conversation with friends.

In the modern world, where there is too much video, and there is no time to read texts, the audio format turned out to be just what you need. It enables people to communicate without using video communication, from which everyone is already tired during the pandemic.

Clubhouse and its competitors

The success of the Clubhouse is a clear confirmation of the popularity of the audio format. The app has been around for a little over a year, but it has already been downloaded 13 million times from the App Store, even though it is available by invitation only for iOS users.

But Clubhouse is not the only social audio network. Following the global trend, Telegram has already launched voice chats, and Twitter has begun testing an update to the Android app so that users can interact in Spaces audio chats. Facebook is working on its own function of meeting rooms in real time.

There are nearly 36 social audio applications on the market today, according to tech industry analyst Jeremiah Ouyang. The expert believes that the category of “social audio” will rapidly develop and spread, since this is an excellent opportunity to maintain communication without the difficulties that video communication creates.

In our other article, we wrote about 20 tools for success in the Clubhouse.

How to use Clubhouse for promotion

Marketers quickly picked up a new trend: in a world filled with visual advertising, a promotion strategy through sound is entering the ring. This is a great way to grab the attention of potential buyers while they are busy doing something. Brands today have ample opportunity to use social audio applications to interact with audiences. So, with the help of Clubhouse tools, companies can:

  1. Create your own rooms. Experts recommend that brands make the most of the moment while the Clubhouse is fresh and intimate. People don t like ads, people like live communication. Useful information is a valuable resource these days. Audio communication allows the average person to talk to businessmen and company representatives. In their conversations with audiences, they share their experiences, discuss new product launches or their features, thereby promoting the brand.
  2. Participate in conversations that others have created. Clubhouse is ideal for building brand awareness through word of mouth conversations. A company representative in thematic rooms can talk about their experiences, suggest ideas or give advice, subtly mentioning their brand. If the comments are really helpful, there is an opportunity to win fans and attract new customers.
  3. Create events and virtual events. Brands can host webinars and meetings at Clubhouse, which are problematic to do offline due to the pandemic.
  4. Sponsor rooms. The Clubhouse has a feature to create private rooms that are invite-only. Businessmen can advertise events and charge an admission fee for the chance to get useful information. Another option is that brands pay for the speakers time, who will later mention their company.
  5. Engage in other social networks. Listeners who like what a participant has to say go to their profile description and click on links and accounts on other social networks for more information.

Problems that companies may face while promoting in the Clubhouse

The main drawback of Clubhouse, which also makes it unique, is the inability to save conversations. It takes time for the consumer to listen to conversations, and brands need to regularly release a lot of content in order to influence a wide audience.

Another unfortunate point is that the listeners in the rooms are constantly changing. This complicates the process of the conversation, since you have to answer the same questions several times. There is another obstacle to success – the difficulty in attracting an audience, since it is possible to get into the Clubhouse only by invitation.

In general, real-time audio communication is an interesting trend, using it wisely, you can promote your products and services, attracting new customers and increasing income. While its popularity is gaining momentum, have time to collect all the cream!

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