Top 5 rules for effective brand collaboration

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Standard direct advertising methods are getting worse. Some tools begin to be ignored by the audience, while others lose their effectiveness in terms of PR. Hence, recently, such a fashion has appeared for the collaboration of brands with each other. This promotion format implies cooperation between companies or brands of goods. This is especially common in the creative industries, where apparel and cosmetics brands create shared activities with bloggers, artists or musicians.

Collaboration is not only a tool for the big and famous. Small local companies can also create such useful cooperation with each other. The main thing is to approach this wisely and know what to look for:

Define the purpose of the collaboration

Decide why you want to partner with a particular company. Collaboration can affect your sales, increase your awareness, promote a general idea, attract a new audience, and more. By understanding the goal of a specific collaboration, you can more effectively make efforts to achieve it.

Of course, this approach to promotion indirectly affects all marketing goals, but it is still worth determining the central one. This will make it clear what to focus on in collaboration, which mechanics will be appropriate in this case, and how to use them. For example, you can make a generic product. If you do it to increase sales, it should meet the consumer s request as much as possible. Well, if we are talking about PR, then it is better to make it as extravagant as possible or submit it as an object of art with a loud presentation.

Create a detailed collaboration strategy

The strategy will help structure most of the processes, describe the steps of each stage, and assign areas of responsibility. This will avoid conflict situations or misunderstandings about who is responsible for what. Strategy creation is essential in all marketing tools and collaboration is no exception. We urge you not to ignore this stage, as otherwise creative cooperation may end in scandal and failure due to unresolved issues before starting work.

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Understanding the audience

You must know and understand your target audience. It may differ for each of the companies in general, but when creating a general project, you need to target one specific segment. This will make the work more visible and more effective if you tried to please everyone. The main thing is that the chosen target audience should really be interested in your activity, and not look like that in your head.

Also, the audience of brands should not overlap with each other. If you and your partner have the same people, then the meaning of the partnership is noticeably lost. Especially when the goal of cooperation is to attract new users from each other s sites. Shared clients can only be a plus if you are from related areas. Then the collaboration will delight the public and refresh your brands in their memory.

Synergy of brands

Great projects happen when their products complement each other or share common values. Synergy is quite important in this regard. Therefore, fashion houses attract artists, and beauty brands collaborate with beauty bloggers. This is not only about PR or direct advertising channel. This is how brands show that they are on the same wavelength with their audience and know their heroes. Today, you can put any meaning in a collaboration that resonates with your target audience and it will be happy. This could be ecology, smart consumption, or a successful lifestyle. People are fed up with products for the sake of products, now they need concepts, a brand vision and the value that it brings.

Don t forget your audience

In some cases, the collaboration takes place as a one-off promotion. Just for a while, the two businesses made common activity, attracted attention and new users, and abruptly cut everything off. The partnership has ended and now both companies have swiftly returned to the standard content plan with congratulations from the accountant on their social networks.

And if the old audience may not react too much to this, then the new people will remain at a loss. They came to an active advertising campaign for two brands, and now they have such an atmosphere in social networks as if nothing had happened. In order to retain the attracted audience, it is better to launch each of them their own personal activity immediately after the end of the collaboration. It may be smaller in scale, but it will smoothly shift attention from the common history of the two companies to each separate offer from them. This way, you will avoid a sudden transition of your content and keep the majority of users.


The collaboration of two companies to create a common product or project often benefits everyone involved. Both the consumer, who gets something new, and the companies that achieve their goals faster, using each other s resources. Find the right partners and delight your customers with your synergy.

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