Top 5 brands on TikTok that will teach you how to get creative

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Did you know that TikTok is used monthly by about a billion people in 150 countries around the world? Such popularity is not surprising – there really is something (whom) to see and what to inspire! Meet five successful brands that are able to amaze and keep viewers attention on gadget screens.

Top 5 Creative TikTok Brands

San diego zoo

A few words about the brand. San Diego Zoo is a non-profit game reserve located in California, USA. Here, on a 40-hectare area, there are 650+ species and subspecies of animals. The zoo annually attracts 4 million visitors from all over the world, making it one of the most popular on a global level.

Blog features… The zoo made it to TikTok s list of inspirational brands in 2020: as a profile that gathered a huge number of subscribers over the year, and as a creator of original videos that went viral.

The account has 1.8 million followers who enjoy watching the life of animals in their familiar habitat. After all, conditions have been created in the zoo that are as close to natural as possible: animals freely walk around the territory, and do not sit in cramped cages and aviaries. On the blog, you will find many funny videos featuring koalas, tigers, rhinos, bears, giraffes, parrots, ostriches and other wildlife. Oh yes, the trendiest TikTok music sounds in each of the videos!


A few words about the brand… Discovery is a satellite and cable TV channel that broadcasts popular science programs and a TV network of the same name. Broadcasting is carried out in 70 countries of the world, including Russia. Probably, there is no person who has never watched fascinating programs about wild animals (Animal Planet) or about scientific discoveries (Discovery Science).

Features of the blog. Now Discovery is on the screens of your smartphones! As in the case of San Diego Zoo, the number of subscribers is 1.8 million. The blog is entertaining and educational in nature: videos demonstrate the beauty and versatility of wildlife, talk about advances in the world of technology, keep abreast of the latest news from space and astronautics in the United States. A funny soundtrack is selected for each video (which is only the “dance” of a bear to the song I love women, Erika Davila), and a series of inscriptions is created to explain the essence of what is happening.

Wendy s

A few words about the brand. Wendy s is a popular American fast food chain. The chain includes more than 6 thousand restaurants around the world (most of it is located in North America) and is the closest competitor to McDonald s and Burger King.

Blog features: Wendy s is no stranger to being in the center of the action: the brand has a long history of popularity on social media Twitter (3.7 million readers) and Instagram (1 million subscribers). He also motivated competitors such as Arby s and Dunkin Donuts by example to join the TikTok app. The brand s fan base has already exceeded 1 million.

Wendy s channel is an abundance of striking videos showing the products of the network in an unusual, but very beneficial angle. Here you will see how they cook in the restaurant s kitchen and be surprised how many people cannot live without Wendy s burgers and nuggets – there are a lot of fan content reposts on the blog.

The savannah bananas

A few words about the brand… The Savannah Bananas is a baseball team that plays in the Coastal Plain League varsity summer league. The team has repeatedly appeared on American TV channels – unique promotions made it popular, for example, dancing players or entering the field in kilts.

Blog features… On TikTok, The Savannah Bananas positions itself as their favorite social media team. So far, their profile has about 382 thousand loyal fan subscribers, and the total number of likes is 6.7 million! And all thanks to the fact that the guys not only demonstrate their professionalism, but also bring positive energy to the masses. They are not shy about dancing on the field or playing baseball in kilts, Scottish national dress. Hilarious videos make the channel fun even for those who do not consider themselves a fan of sports, in particular baseball, at all.


A few words about the brand… Spikeball is a professional skypeball kits company and creator of a new American sport. Skypeball is played by 4 million people around the world, 150+ tournaments are held annually.

Blog features… 639 thousand people have subscribed to the Spikeball channel, and the number of likes is impressive – 11.6 million! And it is not surprising: the brand demonstrates the process of the game in each of its videos so cleverly that it is simply impossible to pass by without watching and putting a like. The beauty is that in the rollers the game locations are constantly changing (the gym of an educational institution, an outdoor sports ground, a park, a courtyard, an ice rink, a sea beach, a river bank and even a desert!). Real people of different ages participate in the competition. The spirit of excitement and competition is felt right through the screen!

This is not a complete list of TikTok brands worthy of your attention. If you want to become popular on the platform, take their experience as a basis. Be creative and don t be afraid to experiment with genres – this way you will find more points of contact with your audience.

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