Top 10 SMM automation services you can’t do without

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Did you know that over the past year, the number of active users of social networks has increased by 13% (490 million)? If you don t have a business account on any social network yet, this should be a great motivation for you to create an effective SMM strategy. Automation tools will help you achieve your goal. What kind?

Top tools for SMM automation


Perhaps the most famous service of choice for the largest US Fortune 1000 companies. It allows you to combine social media marketing campaigns on one platform, schedule and publish content at the right time on more than 35 online channels. In addition, you will be able to constantly monitor the effectiveness of publications in real time, generate analytical reports, study industry trends, and provide feedback to customers.

Hootsuite offers plans based on the number of accounts you intend to maintain and the number of users: Pro, Team, Business, Enterprise.


Great for companies just starting their journey to social media success. With it, you automate routine business operations and combine applications on the device according to established rules – yours or those created by other users. You can also customize the interaction of applications with each other, for example, set Wi-Fi to turn on automatically on your smartphone, receive notifications about weather changes, and a meditation reminder. Trusted by 650+ brands including Google, Alexa, Evernote, Dropbox, Uber, Spotify, Twitter, and more.

IFTTT has 2 plans for individuals (standard free permanent and Pro monthly) and 3 paid plans for developers.

Zoho social

Offers a comprehensive solution to the tasks of the sales and marketing department. Not inferior in convenience to Hootsuite, allowing you to schedule an unlimited number of publications for the time when your target audience is most active using a convenient content calendar. With this service, it is easy to interact with the audience and stay up to date on everything related to your brand, as well as create reports (or use ready-made ones) on the results of the SMM strategy.

Zoho Social offers a free 15-day trial. You can then upgrade to one of the billed annually plans: Standard, Professional, Premium.

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A great tool if you are looking for something affordable and easy to use. With it, drawing up a weekly content plan will take no more than 2 minutes – just add an account on social networks (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest), select the date and time of publication. The service is also suitable for analyzing the results of promotion. It has already been selected by 75,000+ companies like Shopify, Food52, Dress Up, Burrow, Spotify.

Buffer provides a complete set of brand promotion tools: free and 3 advanced ones with monthly and yearly fees. There are also plans focused on analytics.


A Russian-developed service focused not only on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and G +, but also on Odnoklassniki and Vkontakte, popular in Russia. The platform opens up ample opportunities for searching for content according to specified criteria, adapting it to specific sites, coordinating with the team, cross-posting, auto-deleting and auto-repeating posts. In addition, you can use it to watermark and download complex images. Over 720,000 customers have already seen the effectiveness of the service.

SmmBox has plans for 1, 3, 6 and 12 months with a “try” period and a bonus program.

Sprout Social

A versatile marketing tool designed to help small businesses get promoted on social platforms. He “knows” how to plan publications, monitor the activity of competitors, track keywords, identify influencers, find brand mentions, organize teamwork. Its 25,000 clients include industry leaders with an interest in keeping in touch with their audiences.

Sprout Social is free to try with a 30-day trial. Paid plans – standard, pro and advanced.


It s not just an automation platform – it also brings together your audience activity data, communication channels, and analytics reports. Expands the possibilities of conducting multichannel campaigns: in addition to SMM promotion, it simplifies the process of sending emails and postcards, creating landing pages for products, launching digital advertising, including on FB and Instagram.

Mailchimp is loyal to its customers, providing a set of business development tools for free (with a limit of 2000 subscribers). There are 3 more tariffs available: basic, standard and premium.


A cross-platform application developed by Twitter, similar in functionality to the previously reviewed Hootsuite and Sprout Social. The developer positions it as a powerful tool for tracking activity and interaction with the audience on Twitter. It is convenient to monitor up to 200 accounts through it, setting up timelines for tracking brands, hashtags, keywords and managing several accounts at once right from the social network control panel. The planning function is also well implemented.

The service operates on a free basis, but, according to Bloomberg, paid innovations are possible.


An online service focused on analyzing the content and interests of the target audience in the communities of 10+ social networks. It is now easy to compare and evaluate the popularity of posts, keep track of which posts are attracting an audience, sort them by format, text size, content, and dates. It is possible to record statistics and compile quick reports by uploading data in any popular format and further editing them.

Plans are selected depending on the terms of use: a month, a quarter, or a special rate with the option of setting your own time frames. The trial period can be activated for 7 days.


A service with a self-explanatory name, with the help of which work with the most popular social networks and messengers (VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, Telegram, Viber, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) is carried out through a single control panel, which is very convenient. “Knows” how to edit images, schedule and delete posts on a schedule, and is also responsible for data protection.

SMMplanner has a flexible payment system: trial rates for 7 days and 5 initially paid (initial, professional, small, medium and large business).

So, by choosing and configuring any of these tools for yourself, you will speed up the process of maintaining business accounts in several social networks by 2 times, and you can devote the free time to tasks that you didn’t get your hands on before.

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