Top 10 brands on Instagram – watch and learn

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Instagram is one of the leading social networks: 1+ billion people use it every month. The engagement of followers on Instagram is 58 times higher than that of the “king of social networks” Facebook. Only thanks to a competent approach to developing an Insta account, many brands managed to become mega-popular in the online space. And we have something to learn from them! Introducing our personal top Instagram brands and personalities.

Top Insta profiles: learning from the best

Cristiano Ronaldo

The undisputed leader of the top is the Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo. As of December 2020, the number of his followers is 244 million! Above – only the Instagram account itself (380 million), which is difficult to compete with. The last post, in which the athlete regrets the absence of spectators at the stadium, in 15 hours scored 6+ million likes and 33+ million comments!

Posts are published at intervals of 1-3 days. Such enviable consistency and consistency pays off 100%: fans rate and comment on each post, admiring new photos of Ronaldo and his family. By the way, take note of this move – publish not only photos that characterize you as a professional, but also personal ones – with family and friends. Subscribers want to be aware of what you live for and for whom you achieve your goals.

Takeaway: Be consistent in posting and open with your audience.

Ariana Grande

In 3rd place is the American singer and actress Ariana Grande. The actual difference in the number of followers with a football player is “only” 35 million 🙂 A recent post got 7.2 million likes in 19 hours! First of all, the eye catches the minimalistic style of the profile: photos in muted gray-white-black colors, laconic albums, short descriptions of posts with 1-2 phrases.

Takeaway: stick to your style and don t seek to imitate anyone.

National Geographic

The magazine is in the 11th place in the top and is the only one of its kind among the featured celebrities and brands. Its audience is 146 million followers who appreciate high-quality photographs and strive to learn about the world around it in its various manifestations.

Perhaps National Geographic is the brightest educational magazine. Just look at this riot of colors – and all thanks to the talent of photographers, their developed sense of beauty. Each image has a detailed description, tags and a link to the author.

Takeaway: Make your content visually appealing and partner with brands and individuals who share your values ​​and philosophy.


The American company, a manufacturer of fashionable clothes and footwear, is the most popular Insta-brand with 122 million subscribers (18th in the overall top). Its content strategy is centered around famous athletic personalities who choose Nike products. Advertising campaigns regularly carried out by the brand served as a rapid increase in the number of followers. For example, #makersofthegame, which paid homage to Kobe Bryant. The brand also uses a visual platform to promote new products by posting videos and teasers.

Takeaway: Increase engagement by intelligently using ads, including those featuring famous people.

Ellen DeGeneres

Top 25! And he is occupied by the American actress, TV presenter and comedian Ellen DeGeneres, with an audience of 92 million. A special feature of the profile is the presence of videos from Ellen s own talk show, which was nominated for 11 Emmy awards and received 4 of them. The show features mega-famous personalities such as Oprah Winfrey, Diane Keaton, Paris Hilton, Justin Bieber and others. Ellen s profile posts hilarious excerpts with guest stars. So, the moment with Bieber (who, by the way, is in the top 10 position) was watched by 5+ million and appreciated 439+ thousand times.

Takeaway: Publish quality video content, especially if you have a mega-interesting source.

Virat Kohli

Cricketer from India at 28 in Insta-top (83 million). But in the list of batsmen – one of the leading in the world! Virat Kohli is actively developing his account, showing subscribers moments from sports activities and regularly delighting with family pictures. The page also has enough posts with advertising content. In one of the latter, he calls for the use of his new filter.

Takeaway: As a pro in your field, remember to pay attention to interesting little things – please the audience with personal chips, thereby increasing engagement.

Victoria s Secret

The leader of the fashion industry – at 36th place of honor with an audience of 69 million. Victoria s Secret blog is impressive! This is the quintessence of beauty. The profile contains bright, bold, perky photos of models worthy of representing the brand s products: underwear, pajamas, accessories.

The content strategy is built around behind-the-scenes shots from fashion shows, as well as promotions to attract and retain attention to products and for charity purposes. In the example below, the promotion is timed to coincide with Thanksgiving Day.

Conclusion: advertise your products with dignity: carefully select models, arrange photo sessions, use the services of professional photographers.

Gigi Hadid

And again about the models – 40th position is taken by Gigi Hadid (61.4 million), which is one of the highest paid models and participates in Victoria s Secret shows. You expect to see only “professional” videos and photo publications from fashion shows in your profile, but no. The star also shares personal: moments from her childhood, cute home pictures with a child.

Takeaway: combine professional content with personal content by sharing your innermost thoughts with fans.


Interestingly, NASA has accounts in almost all social networks, but the most successful is the Insta format. The profile, which has almost 62 million subscribers (41 in the top), is cosmically beautiful! It features images of the Earth s surface, space bodies and phenomena made by super-powerful space telescopes and satellites. However, the visual component is not all that distinguishes the account – each post has a description of an object or phenomenon. In the example below, it is clear from the description that the photo shows globular star clusters, and the “author” of the picture is the Hubble telescope.

Conclusion: write about complex language that the audience understands, even if your activity is related to mega-serious research.


55 million subscribers belong to 9gag, an Internet platform and social network, whose users share personal content or taken from the Internet. The site is included in the top 200 successful web resources. The number of posts on Instagram exceeds 25 thousand, which is not surprising, because the site is a real treasure of Internet memes! The profile consists of humorous videos, pictures, comics, funny photos from real life, jokes. One of the main topics for discussion is funny pets – something that is impossible to be indifferent to.

Conclusion: running a popular online project? Be sure to share the “hot” and “best” posts on other social networks.

As you can see, the rating includes mainly those who, even despite the already deserved love and high social status, strive to be in touch with the fans. Therefore, learn from their example, and, perhaps, soon you will find yourself in the updated top brands!

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