TikTok for moms: we purposefully work with our audience

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If you think that TikTok s audience is exclusively youth, you are wrong. The marketing agency BSM Media conducted an interesting survey in September 2020, in which 600 mothers from the United States took part. Marketers found that as many as 86% of moms got acquainted with the social network in March 2020, while in self-isolation due to the spread of the coronavirus. At the same time, 70% announced their intention to continue to actively use TikTok even after the pandemic. Would you like to know how to tailor your content to the interests of moms?

Marketing for moms: what products are popular on TikTok?

According to BSM Media, 2 out of 3 moms discovered new products while watching videos on TikTok. Increasingly, they are using this social network as an alternative to Facebook as a tool for finding goods and services. However, initially the interest was caused precisely by the desire to escape from everyday routine and home schooling. Unsurprisingly, short inspirational and educational videos, including dance and hashtag challenges, and DIY (DIY), received the most views.

In addition, according to the results of the study, the top products that simultaneously fit into the TikTok format and the sphere of interests of moms are children s products, such as toys and clothes. But if you offer products from the field of so-called “survival items” for moms, popularity in the social network is guaranteed to you!

We are talking primarily about health and beauty products, for example, personal care products. They help busy moms to always stay in good shape and good spirits. This also includes eco-friendly dishes, smart home appliances, interior elements, useful gadgets and accessories – everything that improves living conditions and makes everyday life easier and more comfortable for families with children.

Please note that many products are demonstrated by bloggers-moms, who were convinced of their effectiveness in practice and decided to share their experience with a wide audience. If you plan to use the social network as a platform to showcase your products, look for inspiration not only from brands, but also from blogs of influential moms 🙂

6 examples of cool mom products from TikTok

  • Gyroscopic bowl. A real find for families with small children. Such dishes are mega-convenient for feeding: the inner bowl is always in an upright position, even when rotated 360 degrees. Its contents always remain in place.

Advice: Show not only the principle of the product, but also indicate where it can be bought, as in the Cherishandfavor video.

  • Ice roller. For moms who spend day and night with children, this is a great remedy for fatigue. The rollerball from Maaaryelizabeth s video helps you wake up quickly in the morning and put yourself in order in a matter of minutes, removing puffiness.

Advice: Use a win-win option to attract the attention of a female audience to a business account – advertising simple and uncomplicated products for daily care.

  • Breakfast cereal dispenser. It s like a breath of fresh air for those tired of the kids breakfast clutter. The millionaire blogger Teresalauracaruso shares the secret of how to keep the kitchen clean in a video about Amazon favorites, including a cereal dispenser.

Advice: Offer products to create a comfortable living environment, more often demonstrate how your product can simplify the life of a modern woman-mother and save time and nerves.

  • Diaper bag. A spacious bag that instantly converts into a backpack and attaches to a stroller is the perfect choice for mom and baby. She is featured in a baby products video on the popular Toponlinefinds channel.

Advice: If you want to move in the lifestyle direction, don t forget about online selections – this format always stays in the top, regardless of the audience segment.

  • The tablet. A gadget that can easily captivate even the most active and energetic children. This drawing tablet, advertised in an account with the self-explanatory name Hello_happy_mom, is a great substitute for paper – thanks to it, drawings and colored pencils are not scattered throughout the house.

Advice: When choosing products for advertising on TikTok, remember that moms are interested in everything related to caring for children, in particular, organizing their leisure time.

  • Smart dish. A sure way to get your child interested in healthy food is to serve it on an original clock-shaped plate. As you can see on the Christykeanecan video, it is divided into 12 mini-compartments for convenient placement of cereals, fruit slices, berries, dried fruits.

Advice: Advertise your product in real life, share custom content that demonstrates the usability of your product.

Consider generational differences when creating content. Millennials – digital pioneers – seek new experiences and seek to interact with brands that share their interests. Try not to sell a product, but to prove its value in practice, for example, by filming captivating online reviews and top selections.

Representatives of the new generation Z – “digital natives” – choose authentic brands that pursue noble goals, strive to make the world a better place, for example, they care about the environment, participate in charitable projects. Young mothers prefer sincerity and naturalness to a glossy picture. Publish dynamic, emotional videos, even in an amateur format.

And one last tip: learn from moms! Subscribe to the pages of top mom bloggers and periodically monitor their content in search of fresh ideas. After all, who, if not them, 100% understand the needs and desires of the female audience, know how to attract the attention of like-minded women and how to do it competently.

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